You've heard her on air and you've seen her on TV, but do you really know anything about our fabulous PopAsia host Jamaica? Find out her top 8 favourite things here...
26 Aug 2013 - 5:35 PM  UPDATED 27 Aug 2013 - 2:30 PM

Hi there PopAsians! Some of you might already know me as the host of SBS PopAsia... I am often seen talking to/into inanimate objects i.e. microphones, cameras, and yes…walls and stuffed animals (to practice presenting and interviews, *she says*. Here's a little bit more about me and my top 8 favourite PopAsian things...

Favourite Asian Pop Track -  I don’t like this question! *karate kick* (P.S. That’s not a song title, btw)

Favourite Asian Pop Band  - SCANDAL. Just ‘cause they’re different from all the other girl groups in concept—and who doesn’t love choreographed rocking out? Also, I like too many other bands to really choose a fave…but I’m saying SCANDAL ‘cause I’d actually love to JOIN them.

Favourite Anime Character  - Youko Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. Fox Demons are the new Vampires.

Favourite Asian Pop Star -  Leehom Wang! He can do anything! He’s like a superhero pop star.

Favourite Dance Move – Shuffling…like in T-ara’s Lovey Dovey or LC9’s Mama Beat

Favourite Food -  Italian. We’re talking goooooood coffee, Nutella on everything, pasta, risotto, pizza, ricotta cannoli, gelato… *drool coma*

Favourite Movie -  The Little Mermaid! Or…The Devil Wears Prada. Or Howl’s Moving Castle. I don’t wanna play anymore.

Favourite Guilty Pleasure - Spending the whole day (and night) just watching anime or reading fantasy novels. Ahhhh….