Who is the person behind those awesome mashups you hear on SBS PopAsia every week? Find out...
26 Aug 2013 - 6:07 PM  UPDATED 27 Aug 2013 - 2:13 PM

Hi PopAsian friends! I'm the guy who puts together themed mashups of all of your favourite PopAsian hits; Dr. J.*  I also program the station's music: so feel free to hit me up on twitter with any song suggestions. 

*Not a real doctor.

Check out my top 8 favourite things...

Favourite Asian Pop Track – Girls’ Generation’s ‘Gee’. It’s just so fun and happy.. It never gets old!

Favourite Asian Pop Band – Girls’ Generation. They were my first love and I’m sure many PopAsians feel the same. Jigeum-eun So-Nyuh-Shi-Dae~!!

Favourite Anime Character – L from Death Note

Favourite Asian Pop Star – Girls’ Generation’s Sunny. Because she’s funny and cute and smart and talented and pretty and can raise a cow and catch chickens. <3

Favourite Dance Move – Girls’ Generation’s ‘Genie Leg Flick’. If you’ve got it, flaunt it ;)

Favourite Food – Pepperoni Pizza, or Sushi. Nom noms

Favourite Movie – The Mighty Ducks. I’ve also got a jersey with my name on it! Quack~ Quack~ Quack~

Favourite Guilty Pleasure – Watching ‘We Got Married’. KhunToria 5evur