It's solo week here at PopAsia and we're challenging your knowledge of Asian pop solo stars! Think you know all there is to know?
9 Sep 2013 - 4:37 PM  UPDATED 10 Sep 2013 - 1:06 PM

It's solo week here at SBS PopAsia which is why we are taking 7 days to gush over the glorious talents somehow compacted into single people ("Muuuuum... why can't I be a child prodigy too?")

Here's 6 of our favourites and a few different fun facts about them. If you know them all... well maybe you really are a child prodigy Asian Pop fan!

In thinking about solo artists, some of the best ones - like Henry - have emerged from the back of the lineup with a buffet of talents we had no idea they embodied and proved to be THE biggest stars!

Who do you think deserves to go solo like these stars?


1. Ailee

• Before she was signed by YMC Entertainment, she had a YouTube account called “aileemusic”

• She plays piano, drums and the flute.

• She studies Communications at PACE University.

• Her musical influences include Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Rihanna.

Ailee 2013


2. Henry

• He plays piano, violin and guitar.

• He learned piano at age 5 and violin at 6 - ZOMG!

• He won the Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music Regional Gold Medal for Violin.

• In August 2013, he was cast in a leading role in an upcoming Chinese drama called “My Sweet City.”

• He studied ballet when he was 11.

• He hates spicy food

• He can’t swim! (We could help with that if he'd only come to Australia!)



3. Leehom Wang

• He wrote his hit song “Julia” in 5 minutes during a haircut.

• He taught himself how to play drums, guitar and electric guitar in junior high school.

• He is a big fan of Stevie Wonder and owns all of his albums.

• he was nominated for “best actor” at Berlin Film Festival for his work in independent film Starlight High Noon.

Leehom Wang


4. Rain

• He was a member of teenage boyband “Fanclub” which later disbanded.

• He was in Time’s “100 Most Influential People that Shape the World” list in 2006.

• His musical influences include: Michael Jackson, Usher and Omarion.

• He has worked with Americal His-Hop artist Lil’ Kim on one of her albums.

• Rain has also appeared in a Pepsi commercial with Christina Aguilera in 2006.

Leehome Wang


5. Hyuna

• Has a tattoo on left shoulder that says “My mother is the heart which kept me alive”

• She choreographs her own popping, locking, street and break dance routines.

• HyunA’s dream car is the Hummer H2.

• HyunA had done over 50 auditions for acting roles since the age of 7 to the time she was first discovered.

• Her favourite animal is the harp seal.

• She is said to have two personalities. Her onstage personality is that of a fierce vixen while offstage she is just like any other girl her age.

• HyunA’s talents include musical and lyrical composition.



6. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

• Her favourite musicians include: Marilyn Manson and Lady Gaga.

• She's appeared in Japanese fashion magazines such as Zipper and Kera.

• Her name Kyary is a variation of the name “Carrie” and was given to her by her classmates as she had embraced western style and culture.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

So you tell us - which Asian pop star do you think should go solo?