Whoa! We never thought some of these Asian pop group members would go solo! Which ones had you most surprised?
12 Sep 2013 - 3:31 PM  UPDATED 12 Sep 2013 - 3:45 PM

In the Asian pop world, sometimes when an artist who doesn’t really standout in a group decides to go solo - we have to subtly pick up our jaws from the floor – and on the odd occasion try and place their name (just kidding!).

As solo week winds up here at PopAsia HQ – we want to know - what artists took you by surprise in announcing their foray onto the solo stage?

NB. We couldn’t think of any C-pop stars that really shocked us going solo as there is a huge market there for artists running their own race. If you can think of any, let us know in the comments!


Beast – Yoseob

What’s interesting about Yoseob solo beginnings is that all the songs produced on his debut mini album were produced by fellow band member Jun Hyung – including the hit single Caffeine! He’s just the boy with the beautiful voice… maybe we’re not that surprised ;)


Wonder Girls – Sunmi

When Sunmi announced she was leaving Wonder Girls, we all thought she was going back to focus on her studies and acting (mostly because that’s what she said she was doing). Then, all of a sudden she released a new solo single? #whytheface! It’s not like we’re complaining… we just fell off our chairs a little…  


AKB48 – Tomomi Itano

It wasn’t so much surprising that there were solo breakouts from AKB48, after all – there are 80+ members – something has got to give! It was surprising however, that Tomomi was the first to do so, especially considering she wasn’t the most popular member at the time. We all thought we see something from Maeda first… interesting…  


Infinite – Sunggyu (Kim Sung Kyu)

When Sunggyu first auditioned for SM Entertainment back in 2007 – he didn’t even make the cut! And again the second time around in 2008 [insert extended gong sound FX]. He is however, one determined little dude, fighting (his parents’ wishes on top of the companies) to become the leader of Infinite (signed to Woollim) and the first member to debut his own solo material in 2011.


Super Junior – Henry

We’ve talked a lot about Henry this week, but reason being because he really did come from nowhere! Well at least we thought that until we realised he’s pretty much a child prodigy multi-instrumentalist (see all of his credentials here) he must have just been biding his time in the Super Junior back line. There’s no stopping him now though! 1-4-3 we love you too.

What solo artists' debuting were most surprising for you?