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13 Sep 2013 - 5:02 PM  UPDATED 13 Sep 2013 - 5:05 PM

We were feeling a bit low after our PopAsia birthday week came to an end last week; especially after we waved goodbye tp 4Minute and Eat your Kimchi’s Simon & Martina as they left the land of the meat pie. #megasadface

Fortunately we had some great new tunes fall on our desk (okay so Dr. J put them there)


Exile – No Limit

This new track from the 14-member Japanese boy band is nothing short of a dance anthem. You can just visualise dancing around to it beneath fireworks at on New Years Eve don’t you think? Have a listen… (apologies for the bad quality video, Japanese artists’ videos are often missing from Youtube)



It feels like only yesterday we were celebrating BTS’s Rap Monster’s birthday (that’s because it was yesterday tee hee) and now the Bangtan Boys are rolling out a new single “N.o”. You get the feeling this song is about breaking free from the pressures to study hard and be the best (according to someone else’s dreams)…  heavy.


Timethai – Spy

This guy (his real name is Dharmthai) just oozes cool don’t you think? Anyone who looks good in a checked suit has got my vote! He’s originally from Bangkok and has only released a mini album up until now with 4 previous singles on it. So perhaps we can expect this new single to front a full release? See if you like it.


Girls’ Generation – Galaxy Supernova

Dr J’s favourite girl group are back with another jumpin’ dance track this month (they’ve been dropping a new single a month remember – crazy busy girls). Despite us luuuurving this song, I’m not sure if this is SM Town’s best MV effort.  Let us know what you think… that’s if you can feel your way to the keyboard temporarily blinded by coloured flashes.

 Let us know any new tracks you've heard that you think deserve to be on our playlist!