It’s Friday the 13th and we’re in the mood for ghost stories! Follow PopAsia host Jamaica dela Cruz as she takes you through the scariest places round where she grew up...
13 Sep 2013 - 5:32 PM  UPDATED 13 Sep 2013 - 6:19 PM

In the Philippines, I used to live in this place called Baguio. It’s officially called the “Summer Capital” because of its cool climate and unusual foggy weather (fog is so rare in the Philippines that tourists take pictures of it when they come over).

However, it is also known as one of the most haunted cities in the country. People have compared it to the town in popular video game, Silent Hill. In fact, if you made a Top 10 list of the most haunted places in the Philippines, 5 of them would probably be located in Baguio. So here’s my Top 5, growing up:


When we first moved to Baguio, our first house was in a suburb called Loakan, so we’d drive along this loooong creepy road much too often. It’s bordered by forests and a cliff and passes by a cemetery. It was also almost always shrouded in fog and said to be smack in the middle of the spirits’ haunting grounds. Cab drivers tell stories of passengers hailing them and disappearing. My dad even had an experience when he was driving very late at night, where the road seemed to go on for longer than usual, and there was a smooth patch of road that wasn’t there before. Or after, when he drove past there again in daylight and there was no smooth patch. Then there’s this dead tree in the middle of the road….


Before you get out one end of Loakan Road, there used to be this huge tree in the middle of the road. Urban legends surrounding it include a “White Lady” who likes to hail cabs, and heaps of spirits living in the tree. When it was ordered to be removed due to it being a road hazard (being smack in the middle of the road and all), one of the men who hacked it down later died…when a tree fell on him. #truestory


You can see this hotel from our house in Baguio now—it looks like a white castle atop the mountains, nestled by trees. Go closer, though, and it’s one of the most haunted sites that teenagers like to visit for some spooks. This place has it all…ghostly apparitions, agonized screams, and banging doors and windows.


Don’t you just hate/love it when there’s a Haunted House piece in the evening news and it happens to be in your home town? Yeah, that happened a lot in mine, and this is one of the more famous ones. The family who owned it are said to have been killed by soldiers and they still haunt the place. The story sounds common, but if you see it in person it gives off this eerie vibe, even on a sunny day.


There are other hotel ruins where teenagers love to go ghost-hunting, but nothing beats spooky school camps. This place accommodates a lot of conventions, and visitors come back with all sorts of ghostly encounters. The creepiest one is about the bathrooms, where ghosts are said to appear in the mirror, or in your stall…


Well, hope you enjoyed that little tour of my haunted hometown! Do you have any urban legends from yours?

And one more thing…Happy FRIDAY THE THIRTEENTH!!!

<3 Jamaica