The biggest of boy bands are back, soon enough... find out all the juicy details.
18 Sep 2013 - 11:09 AM  UPDATED 9 Sep 2014 - 11:58 AM


After teasing us with comeback news last year, YG have confirmed that BIGBANG will finally be coming back this summer (winter in Australia).

G-Dragon has managed to finalise his busy overseas schedule and make time to both lead and produce the group’s forthcoming album: their 1st release in 2 years. That’s a long wait in k-pop-time!

An inside source reported, “G-DRAGON began working on the songs for a new album a few days ago officially. Since he announced the release of a new album in this summer at the concert [last January in Seoul], people will be able to listen to BIGBANG’s new songs by this summer”.

OMG we can't wait!!!!

Do you think they might finally pay a visit to Australia?

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Bigbang will be releasing a new track before the year is out! With Tayang and TOP both set to release new tracks mid november, and the entire band on tour in Japan all month, it was looking less and less likely that BIGBANG were going to have the time to write anything let alone embark on promotional activities - especially when G-Dragon is falling asleep on his feet! (Watch the video here)

However, a rep for the band has confirmed,

"Ahead of Big Bang's 6 dome tour in Japan, the members plan to work on a new song... A comeback date hasn't been confirmed yet. But within this year, it's expected that they'll be releasing a new song."

Do you think they'll comeback with a big upbeat pop track or a ballad? 

This is one of the last tracks we heard from the boys... that's one long beautiful hangover!

 As SBS PopAsia host Jamaica dela Cruz blurted out amid gasps of excitement in yesterday’s live@5 show, the biggest of boy bands, BIGBANG, have finally announced their comeback this October [insert baby seal squeal sound FX].

Here is the statement released from YG Entertainment,

"Big Bang will release a new single in Korea before the dome tour; they will promote this song in both Korea and Japan and will probably showcase it during their Japanese dome tour, as well.

Big Bang's new song will most likely be released at the end of October or early November.  Although they are planning to release a single rather than an album this time, they do plan on being active to a certain extent in Korea so it is probably good to anticipate this!"

This news comes off the back of all 5 Bigbang members joining G-dragon on stage for one of his “One of a Kind” solo concert tour performances.  

If only this kind of thing went down in Australia #saddest face. Obviously no potential tour announcements to our shores have been made.  

We’ll be sure to be premiering the track AS SOON as we get it in our hot little hands, so keep an eye out!

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