Let us take a brief break-dance through the coolest, funniest & cutest top 5 moments in JYJ history...
25 Sep 2013 - 5:31 PM  UPDATED 25 Sep 2013 - 6:09 PM

We know we’ve been rattling on about it - but the fact that Xia Junsu is coming to our very own studios this Friday has got us so excited – we can’t stop talking about it!

In an effort to contain ourselves, we decided to take a look back at our favourite top 5 moments in the history of JYJ.  


1.  When Jaejoong joined instagram… 

This was one of his first photos... #followhimhere

2.  JYJ React To The 2013 Membership Week Art Gallery Exhibition

Just recently, #JYJ held their annual Membership Week for their fans in Seoul: a massive art exhibition full of all of the band members’ art and some fan artworks too.

JYJ said “We are so happy to hold this second event. We were able to make great memories with our fans and I look forward to making more memories with them. We love our fans so much. We can also feel their love too.”

They had over 17,000 fans attend; including over 4000 Japanese fans… they mustn’t count the Australian fans yet. We are here – am I right? [watching this video instead #sadface] 

3.  A little kid tells Xia Junsu he’s “nothing special”

...on a Korean variety show… (you will laugh so hard at this).

4.  JYJ's “Only One” ad for the Asian Games

So this song is a little cheesy – but if you compare it to any promotional Aussie songs we’ve put together – it wipes the floor with them! And the boys look cute in their white holiday outfits…  


5.  JYJ take a lie detector test

...at a Lotte fan meeting in Japan… watch how it goes down when they're asked whose butt is the cutest. This is too funny! We need to do this when they all come to Australia next - who's with me?



Finally - we had to put this in - Eat Your Kimchi’s old “Music Monday” on JYJ where the trademark “Rolling down my sexy window” dance came from. Do try it at home kids.

Make sure you tune in this Friday to watch our exclusive live stream of Xia Junsu performing live in our studios. All the info on how to watch is right here.

Leave your other favourites in the comments!