See the photos and hear about PopAsia host MegaMatt's favourtie Asian pop concert in Australia: Leehom Wang.
1 Oct 2013 - 3:30 PM  UPDATED 1 Oct 2013 - 3:39 PM

All week on PopAsia radio, we’re talking about live concerts; who’s been to Australia, who we want to come next and what the best concert has been that we’ve seen.

 CNBLUE were awesome live, as was XIA when he performed at SBS PopAsia studios – but I think my concert of the year so far would be Leehom Wang at the Sydney Entertainment Centre this year.  The whole PopAsia Crew went along, mostly to see if Jamaica would cry when she heard her bias sing. 

 Plus my all-time favourite Asian pop song is "Mei" so I was super excited finally having the chance to hear it live.

This was our view of the stage, and that big screen ended up being one of the highlights of the show when he cloned himself and performing with 6 Leehoms!  

Yep, Jamaica loved seeing all 7 Leehoms on stage.

His dragon guitar came out, he sang with a school choir and I got to hear Mei.  Best.  Night.  Ever.

Have you ever had the chance to hear your favourite song of all time sung live?  Or seen your bias live in concert? 

Let us know…