From crocodile pizza cake to crocodile tears (actually they were real tears), Xia Junsu in the space of 2 hours changed us all...
3 Oct 2013 - 4:46 PM  UPDATED 3 Oct 2013 - 4:55 PM

It was hard to pick my favourtie Xia moments, but I’ve managed it! Couting down to my number 1...

5 – RECEIVING THE CROCODILE PIZZA CAKE. It’s now a standing PopAsia joke that XIA thinks Australians eat crocodile pizza all the time.

Here’s the original video of him talking about it when PopAgent JayK was in Seoul with JYJ:

 And here’s XIA at PopAsia in Sydney getting our version of crocodile pizza:

4 – RECEIVING A FAN DRAWING FROM A POPASIAN. Christine sent in this beauty and we had to make sure XIA got it. #MissionAccomplished. Look at how happy he looks!

3 – REVEALING (A SMALL BIT) OF JYJ’S SECRETS. Especially the part about his perky bottom. ;)

2 – KILLING IT AT REHEARSALS. You’ll have to watch the PopAsia TV special to see that one! (6.10.13. Sunday.4PM AEST. SBS2) XIA sings his new song 11 AM LIVE like it’s nobody’s business. Then he does it again during the actual show.

1 – THAT INCREDIBLE PERFORMANCE. XIA shakes those famous hips not once but twice at the lucky, LUCKY audience members. ;)

Make sure you let me know yours too!