If the live videos in this post were just the bare bones of an Asian pop festival, you would be there - with bells on!
3 Oct 2013 - 3:40 PM  UPDATED 3 Oct 2013 - 3:51 PM

Hi PopAsians!

Here is your top 5 fantasy festival acts (as voted by you yesterday on facebook) in all of their live performamce glory.

If these artists were just a taste of the makings of a real festival here in Australia; you would be an emotional wreck by the end! Crying one minute - booty-shakin’ the next.

Check them out…


First up is Bigbang performing "Fantastic Baby" on their live tour in 2012: W.O.W.

Is anyone wondering how TOP can see with those sunglasses on? Watching this makes me angry I’ve never seen them live… & how cool is the jazzy live band break down at the end?


SNSD (Girls’ Generation)

Girls’ gen performing “Gee” live and “I Got a Boy”. I know Gee is an old song, but if you got the chance to see Girls’ Gen live you’d hope they would sing it wouldn’t you? And the outfits they change into for “I Got a Boy” are amaaaaaaaaazing #morea’s



If you were thinking “how will they ever manage to replicate the ‘Growl’ dance live?”… think again.

Dear SM entertainment,

We know it’s expensive bringing a 12 strong bunch of boys out to Australia (they will eat a lot of steak) but it’s unfair Australians haven’t had the chance to see this live.

Thanking you in advance.



I hope you have a box of tissues at the ready (like some of the audience members here).  Imagine seeing this rendition of SHINee’s “Can’t Leave” live. #OMGIDIE


Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

If there’s anything Kyary can promise – it’s a full fantastical live show – on par with a Disney On Ice production. You could go to her concert for the crazy hair dressings alone!

 If you got any cool live videos you want to share – post them in the comments!

Although Leehom Wang didn't make the cut (you'd think Jamaica would have found a way to rig these things by now) here is her fancam of the man (or 7 men) himself singing "The One I Love is You"... and before you ask, yes she does think it's about her.