Find out what's spinning round our tables this week... new Block B anyone?
4 Oct 2013 - 1:58 PM  UPDATED 4 Oct 2013 - 2:36 PM

Block B – Be the light

Block B have dropped a few tracks recently, this one “Be the Light” would seem like the softer of the two (If you haven’t seen “Very Good” head here) until you see U-Kwon being pummelled… lucky his fellow band members are there to help in the end.


SOS – Tik Tok

Indonesia’s most celebrated girl group (or at it seems that way on twitter) are back with another poppin’ track that would couldn’t resist adding this week. No video as yet to speak of – but you can check out this fan cam of the girls performing live at a shopping centre in Bandung. Sounding good!


BTOB – Thriller

MJ would have to be happy with this new MV interpretation of his classic “Thriller” – don’t you think? We think this song will get bigger because of it despite the fact it's not their strongest release. Teh main rapper of the group Il-hoon has been busy doing way too many saucy collabs of late: Hyuna’s “Unripe Apple”, 2Yoon’s “Nightmare” as well as a featuring in G.Na’s “Oops”... I wonder if we'll see him go solo at some point... food for thought!

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