Find out all about the biggest Asian pop fan groups, how to join and what merch you'll need to look cool at a concert.
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Asian pop fans are like no others in the world. They absolutely live and breathe their favourite artist's every move. But why are we telling you this? You probably are one! If not, there are PLENTY of ways you can support your favourite group/s. Here are the TOP 5 you voted as the most popular via our facebook page and how you can get involved.


KISSMes are the official fan group for UKiss fans (they also encompass the boy bands sub-unit UBeat). The main rapper of the group Eli (@u_kisseli) had a thing or two to say to fans who had negative things to say on twitter..

“um yea~ sorry i couldn’t mention everyone~~ I’ll try and get to you all next time… Love you all!…I try to ignore negative tweets like “do you hate me/us, i won’t be ur fan, my day is ruined, the only 1 w/o a reply, etc.) so please be positive….”

So be good Kissmes!

Here's what the UBeat boys had to say about potential fan names for their subunit...







Shawols is the name for SHINee fans; which sounds strange until you realise it’s just a conjunctive/abbreviation of “SHINee World”.  They have some pretty well orchestrated fan hubs online where Shawols can go to obsess over all things SHINee. Check the SHINee members out here imitating their fans, lol!








Despite the fact that TVXQ (DBSK in Korea & Tohoshinki in Japan) have had their difficulties in the past (losing 3 members didn’t really go unnoticed) the fans have stayed true to their cause and supported the remaining two members: Yunho and Max, as well as encompassing JYJ, formed by the newly vagrant members: Xiah, Jaejoong and Yoochun.  When TVXQ were in their prime, Cassiopeia’s were the largest Asia pop fan group around! If you want to become one, you’d probably best get yourself a red glow stick…

official TVXQ red light

Here’s a special message they left for Australian fans:







The Inspirits are a collective of diehard Infinite fans and was also the name of the first single album by the boy band – how convenient! They have an incredibly well organised few people at the helm of the subsections of the fan group that manage the fan updates – one of them has over 581 000 fans (that's almost as many as the actual band #wow).

How cool are these head bands!

Infinite fans make their own headgear








Are these the new head-honchos of fan groups? With a name like “VIP” it makes them hard to find online and seemingly more exclusive – but these fans are a force en masse to be reckoned with! I’m barely scraping the surface of different national fanbases for Bigbang: fans have even written their own fan fiction for the group, one entitled “His Heart is my Favourite Song”  (cute... but also lol). You’ll need to get yourself a glowing yellow crown… or maybe one of these paddles to join.  

Official G-Dragon paddle







This video is pretty funny – BIGBANG talking in English to Singaporean fans – wait for Seungri’s bit about the “sexy crab”.

2012 - 2013 BIGBANG ALIVE WORLD TOUR (SPECIAL... by reniaadia



Whaaaa? How did this get in here :P We like to call all of the fans that engage with our radio and TV show PopAsians - and anyone is welcome!

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Here's the A-Z of Asian pop fandom that you all helped us come up with...

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