Here's some examples of how to show off your Asian pop fandom... please don't take them all too seriously - I'll lose my job!
10 Oct 2013 - 1:30 PM  UPDATED 17 Feb 2014 - 6:44 PM

From 4nias to KissMes and Shawallabies, it’s been all about the fan groups this week on PopAsia Live@5 Radio.  Your comments help decide which is the biggest fan group in Australia, and the PopAsians listed the A-Z of Asian pop fan groups – which was harder than we thought, especially when we got to ‘U’ and ‘X’.  Thankfully ZE:A fans are called ZE:A Style so ‘Z’ was taken care of easily! 

Being a fan isn’t just about saying you’re an ELF or a GN.i though, it’s about how you act and about how you show your support:  like the Aussie fans who made this huge “G’day” banner for XIA.

G'Day Xia banner made by fans

And there’s the PSYcho (not trying to be mean, it’s a fan of PSY) who remade the Gangnam Style video without music.  If you have ever watched an MV and wondered how weird it would sound without the music, check this out:

And finally, in a show of ‘please never do this yourself and say that MegaMatt thought it was a good idea’ – someone got a V.I.P tattoo!

Bigbang VIP tattoo

So, how do you show off your fandom?  (please don’t get a tattoo)

We collected together come of the fandom artworks/collections you guys created: