The departures that broke our hearts ><
18 Oct 2013 - 3:23 PM  UPDATED 5 Apr 2016 - 6:20 PM

In the wake of the news that Minzy is leaving 2NE1 :( , we got to thinking about all those times our hearts broke a little. Here are 5 groups where members left and left a hole in our hearts :(  -sniffles-


5. Dongho left U-KISS

In 2013, U-KISS member Dongho left the group to pursue a "normal life." Since then he's gotten married and is enjoying the life of a normal everyday guy. 


4. Jay Park left 2PM! 

There were some emails leaked and a whole lot of controversy surrounding his departure after just a year with the band (officially). Since the departure though, both 2PM and Jay Park 

3. Hong Yoo Kyung decided to leave A Pink

Yookung left the group to focus on her studies in the US according to her agency.

Cube Entertainment announced, "We first want to apologize to all the fans for having to deliver news of this nature. Yookyung, who debuted on April 19th of 2011 and received a lot of love while shedding tears and smiling with many fans over the past 2 years, will no longer be with us as an A Pink member."
"Yookyung has always tried her best since her debut and has been a hard working member. After debating for a long time between continuing as a celebrity and focusing on her studies, as well as the other six members' futures, Yookyung and her agency have made this very hard decision," the agency continued, and added, "As Yookyung will be entering university this year, she will no longer be A Pink's Yookyung, but a student like others her age. Please support her and her future."


Apparently, her father made it public that this was not the real case and demanded an apology from the agency. It was alleged that infighting between the members was the real reason. But then when  Jung Eun Ji picked up a Baeksang Arts Award, she mentioned Hong Yoo Kyung’s name in her acceptance speech and everything settled down as a result.

2. Luhan, Tao and Kris Wu of EXO 

Over time the Chinese members of EXO left the group. Last year many wondered if Lay would follow suit. Their former agency SM Entertainment has also sued the boys, and the lawsuit is still on-going. However, the boys have found success in their home countries too! 



1. Junnosuke Taguchi from KAT-TUN

Junnosuke announced his departure just a bit before his group KAT-TUN would reach its 10th anniversary.

Ahead of Taguchi, Jin Akanishi and Tanaka Koki also left the group, but with Taguchi gone, the band has officially lost half of its original members >< 


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