Just checking out the sites of Hanoi with JUSTICE CREW! #nobiggie check out my pics.
25 Oct 2013 - 5:58 PM  UPDATED 25 Oct 2013 - 6:33 PM

Hi PopAsians,

We're in Vietnam! I'm hosting the ABU TV Song Fest oh so soon eeeeeep, BUT I've managed to sqeeze in some fun, check it out. 

Day 1: Met co-host Hong Phuc to read through our scripts. Dinner with producers and artists who have arrived. Kazakh rep was at our table. I tell everyone about the famous Vietnamse celebrities in Australia, SBS celebrity chef Luke Nguyen and YouTube star Natalie Tran.

Here's a pic of Natalie Tran, check her out on YouTube if you haven't seen her videos!

And if you don't know Luke Nguyen you haven't lived! Or eaten maybe... He's an AMAZING chef. Check out his website here.

And OMG - Found out just as I was going to sleep that Kpop trio JYJ is ALSO in Hanoi for a mini-concert to promote the Incheon Games. Crushed that we weren't able to meet up. XIA looking fine.

JYJ at Hanoi airport in Vietnam

JYJ at Hanoi airport in Vietnam

Day 2 (Today): Found out that JYJ went back to South Korea, but Justice Crew has arrived! Following them around this afternoon and checking out the Hanoi Opera House. Very excited, just found out that the Opera House is not open to the public, so not many people get to see inside.

Check us out all having breakfast together! That's my boss "Da Boss" on the right (I'm not sure she knows I put this photo in the blog hehe)

Justice Crew having breakfast in Hanoi


Day 3 (Tomoz): Rehearsals all day until show-time at night (ahhhhhhhhhhhhh). Have to write more later, I'm exhausted!

Bye PopAsians! <3