Hopefully there's a few new musical discoveries waiting for you inside - with guitars of course!
25 Oct 2013 - 7:05 PM  UPDATED 25 Oct 2013 - 7:05 PM

There’s something about guitars in pop songs that I really love – so it’s no surprise that many of my favourite songs feature guitars in one way or another. A lovely plucky acoustic guitar or an energetic electric guitar can really add that little something special to a song.

Get that chord, Dara!

Here are my Top 5 Songs with Guitars (in no particular order):


Park Jung Min – Beautiful

The electric guitar plays mostly a rhythmic role in this song and sets the tone for this disco-ey, groovy track. Infectious!

EXO-K – What Is Love

You can hear that guitar line already, right? On its own, it’s a weird little riff – but when it comes together with the drums and synths, it’s the smoothest thing (after D.O’s voice of course <3).

2NE1 – Ugly

LOVE the guitars in this song. Starting with an acoustic guitar building up into a heavy, electric guitar for the chorus fits perfectly with the girls and the concept of this epic anthem - Teddy, you’re a genius.

Teen Top – I Wanna Love

The guitars are more subtle in this song and take a back seat to the strong vocal melodies. The guitars float freely on top of the electronic sounds. Tasty! (like pineapple pieces)


Song Jieun – False Hope

I love a good RnB track and this one has an acoustic guitar (Double win!). Here, the guitar is responsible for all the harmony and also adds a cool groove to the track.

Some other notable mentions:

ONE OK ROCK – The Beginning

NU’EST – Hello

BoA – Only One

Alice Nine – Cross Game

G-Dragon – That XX

Oh and if you haven't seen the Henry/Chan Yeol acoustic of 1-4-3 [pictured in the header] you need to. Awesome work boys.

What are some of your favourite songs with guitars?