If you don't already bust these moves out on the d-floor - school is in!
30 Oct 2013 - 5:03 PM  UPDATED 30 Oct 2013 - 5:59 PM

Picture this… you’re out in a club (or in your bedroom with your friends in pyjamas) and THAT song comes on… you and ALL your friends break into dance without even saying a word –

That’s what this list is all about. Those signature Asian pop dance moves you find impossible NOT to mimic, even if you don’t do it that well. :$ Did someone order a really sub-par flash-mob?

Here are 20 of those songs that are sure to get you on the floor with their signatures moves.

Wonder Girls – Nobody

Every girl loves a finger wave! Especially in the face of a guy... when you want them. Ugh girlpower?


Rain  - Love Song

Hard to believe he can manage those body rolls with so many muscles tensed. That’s some tight work yo.


Hyuna – Change

Everything Hyuna does usually becomes a signature something. She could wear hot pants on her head and it would take off! Same goes for the hip thrusts in her “Change” MV…


SHINee – Ring Ding Dong (the beginning)

After Minho can tear his own smouldering eyes away from... ahh... his own reflection... SHINee get into some side-ways hip thrusting that is begging to be repeated (by you).   


SHINee - Sherlock (the chorus)

Not that you can ever do it as good as the SHINee boys: but you can’t help but bust their moves to the chorus! I often like to start the song with a jazz-click too… just for good measure.


T-Ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep

You know you’ve got a signature dance when SHINee’s Key does a parody of it.


T-ara – Sexy Love

This is like the coolest version of the hokey pokey EVER!


Kara – Mister

You can’t go wrong with butt-sways in suspenders. Ask anyone!


F(X) – Nu Abo

Tell me you don’t do that "hand-mirror" move… or that you haven’t incorporated it into “around the house” dance routines.


Bigbang – Fantastic Baby

It’s the "single jazz hand"! You will have had to have seen Bigbang live to know this one (or watched this video)


2PM – Heartbeat

Resident Asian pop guru Shay Shay swears she does the "heartbeat" every time this song comes on (it’s beating for you!)


2PM – A.D.T.O.Y

I like to call this move “the lonely hug” ONLY complete with a poppin butt.


Super Junior – Sorry Sorry

This whole chorus is so danceable; it works even better when you rotate positions with your friends [I may or may not have tried that at home].


Brown Eyed Girls – Abracadabra

Hip-sways seem to be a common theme amongst girl groups. But who does them best? These are more sublte... some would say sexier.


Beast – Shock

Sometimes it’s just one move, not a series that gets you in mimic mode… and I have definitely thrown my fair share of “air-bombs” on the d-floor.


Perfume – Magic of Love

My favourite move is the “standing-run”.


Teen Top – Rocking

Never have spirit fingers looked so manly before. Also note the 2 variations of the “running-man”! And you can never have enough “running-man”.


SNSD / Girls’ Generation – Run Devil Run

I know what you're going to say - what about Genie (with that infamous leg flick) or Gee? But c'mon who doesn’t love to do the [stylised] “running-man”? I repeat – you can never have enough “running-man”!


EXO – Wolf

You can pretty much get away with doing any kind of “claw” move throughout this song. If you’re out in a club I don’t recommend doing the one that involves crawling – you might get kicked out.


PSY – Gangnam Style

OK so I tried not to include this PSY, but you gotta give it to the kid (/grown man) he did take the playschool-style pony ride to a whole new level.

OK - what did we miss - lay it on us!