Who do you think killed it this year fashion-wise?
12 Nov 2013 - 3:57 PM  UPDATED 12 Nov 2013 - 4:50 PM

Before we launch into our serious awards for 2013: best song, best group, best MV etc. we've decided to have some fun and hold a PopAsia Yearbook Awards for 2013.

So... Who do you think is the MOST stylish Asian pop star of 2013?

PopAsia yearbook awards of 2013

What's that you say? Fashion IS a serious business! if you look at all of the accessories from G-Dragon's giant smiley-face coat in "Crooked" to Show Luo's tiger-face-suit in "Fantasy" - I think we'd have to agree.

So here's your chance to vote for who you think has the most swag from our illustrious list of TOP 10 contenders.

If we missed your fave, let us know in the comments :)

And please don't vote TOO many times, we would like to see some real results as we really want to know what you - the fans - think!