Who do you think should be crowned our PopAsia DUX of the year?
14 Nov 2013 - 3:38 PM  UPDATED 5 Dec 2013 - 1:36 PM

We talk a lot about superficial things in the Asian pop world, so now it’s time to look inside at some of the brainiest pop stars out there on the scene right now.

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Here are the results so far:

#1. Most popular: G-Dragon

#2. Most stylish: G-Dragon

#3. Class Clown: Arashi's  Aiba Masaki


Who do you think deserves to be crowned PopAsia’s DUX of the year for 2013?


Leehom Wang

He is all of these things: a singer-songwriter, record producer, actor, film director. *Sigh* (that was Jamaica dela Cruz). He also speaks Mandarin, English, Cantonese, and Japanese and can play 12 instruments. *Sigh* (that was everyone else).

Girls’ Generation – Seohyun

She plays 3 instruments: piano, guitar and violin and is currently majoring in acting at Dongguk University and works for UNICEF in her “spare time”. She also added her own composition to “I Got a Boy” (wriiten by Dsign Music)

2PM – Taecyeon

He speaks 3 languages: Korean, Japanese and English and has a business degree on top of all of his acting & performance credentials & received a perfect score on his TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) test. He’s not satisfied with all these achievements however, and is still trying to complete his military service even with poor eyesight.  #whataguy

Brown Eyed Girls – Miryo

Topping the list of female songwriters with 56 songs to her name is Brown Eyed Girls rapper, Miryo. She has co-written huge hits for BEG like “Sign” and “Sixth Sense,” and also co-produced all the tracks from her solo album, Miryo aka Johoney.

JYJ - Xia Junsu

Junsu definitely has the street smarts as well as being a major ambassador for ADRA a relief organisation for the UN. He built a school for underprivileged kids in Cambodia and on top of that he’s building an entire resort in Jeju! Check out this video:


SHINee – Onew

Onew was ranked as the 2nd top student in his year when he graduated and he held the highest national score for his high school SAT’s. He’s currently majoring in music broadcasting.

TVXQ's – Changmin

He has two degrees: one in post-modern music & a second in film & arts – but that’s not enough – he is currently on a mission to obtain a dual degree (Masters and Ph.D) at Inha University.

Brown Eyed Girls – JeA

JeA’s is a composer and producer as well as a singer/songwriter. She's helped compose music for BEG & she wrote Ga-In & Jo-Kwon’s We Got Married duet, “We Were In Love,” which topped the charts in 2011 and picked up two music program trophies.


He is incredibly well spoken having attained a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature and a Master's Degree in Creative Writing. He plays piano (started when he was 6) and has also mastered the violin. (As suggested by PopAsian Renae) Tablo is also a published author and attended Berkley University in the US.

Teen Top – Ricky

He is a maths wiz! Check this video out :P