Who have you been shipping all year? Let us know!
15 Nov 2013 - 5:26 PM  UPDATED 15 Nov 2013 - 5:51 PM

It’s the final day of voting for our SBS PopAsia Yearbook Awards so of course we’re  going to focus on love *sigh* (or more realistically; lusty infatuations). It’s time to look at those couples who would be good together, those who probably are together secretly if the rumours are true and those who might as well be because they are always working together!

Let’s face it, in our heart of hearts we hope they’re all lusting after us – am I right?

Here are the winners in the other categories so far:

Here are the results so far:

#1. Most popular: G-Dragon

#2. Most stylish: G-Dragon

#3. Class Clown: Arashi's  Aiba Masaki

#4. Smartest Star: Girls' Generation's Seohyun

So what about this year's prom king & queen? 

Jay Park & Bora

It’s no secret that Jay Park has been shipping himself with SISTAR’s Bora for a long time now (he love you long time girl). It was only the other day he posted a picture of her on his instagram wearing his AOMG promo shirt.  Check it out. Ooooooooh lovers! [finger-kissing miming ensues].

Hyuna & Hyeunsung (TroubleMaker)

Their on-set chemistry – especially in their new video “Now” is undeniable! To the point where it has a few people up in arms about it (I find it interesting that people are worried more about their sexual chemistry than the incessant smoking & drinking (& product placement) going on – but each to their own). Regardless, they’re either very good actors or there is legitimately something going on there! Let's be fair: it could be both.

Show Luo & Rainie Yang

Speaking of on-set chemistry: these two have it in the bag! The heat between Show and Rainie in the ever-so-popular drama Hi, My Sweetheart the onscreen fire was so intense that rumours that their mutual affection carried off-screen post-wrap naturally spread... like wild-fire. :P Wrap party for 2!

Tiffany (Girls' Generation) & Nickhun (2pm)

These two have been rumoured to be dating after it all came about last year. SO the convoluted story goes... an ex-music label employee told another source a bunch of backstage gossip, the "source" then published it on facebook (uh – golden rule of facebook – don’t put anything on there you wouldn’t want to see on Perez). As suspected, it got picked up by all the k-pop media hounds.

Some fanboys/girls disagree however, like Dr. J. He's been shipping Victoria & Nickhun for ages (we suspect he has badly photo-shopped pictures of the 2 of them on his wall at home).

Taeyang (Bigbang) & IU

IU has told the media on more than one occasion that Taeyang is her ideal guy (get in line sista! OK so it’s more than likely we’re behind you in the line)… BUT - has he responded?

In 2010 on the SBS show Hero Girls, where Taeyang guest starred, producers got IU on the phone and coerced her into admitting her crush to be true. Apparently, since then, all she’s managed to get is a kiss on the cheek – publically – we don’t know everything that goes on behind the glossy front covers of the k-pop world now do we!

In her "Marshmallow" video too, she also wrote on the chalkboard and circled it “Jien (IU) hearts Youngbae”. IU keeping her affection on the DL, nice work.

So who do you think should be crowned PROM KING & QUEEN?

SBS PopAsia Yearbook Award Winners 2013