It's almost my favourite time of year - MAMA's time! So let's take a look back at the best bits from year's
19 Nov 2013 - 1:46 PM  UPDATED 19 Nov 2013 - 4:43 PM

It is everyone’s favourite time of the year. Yes, I am talking about Entertainment Awards Season! Last week we had the Melon Music Awards, up next is my all time favourite one; The Mnet Asian Music Awards also known as MAMA and formerly known as MKMF.

I actually have a special MAMA ritual. Every year I buy the same junk food; I’ll go for a Maccas run during the red carpet and then proceed to watch MAMA in my ugliest set of pajamas. LOL

KARA at the MAMA Awards 2012

What is there not to love about an award show? All the glitz and glamour, seeing your favourite idol sit next to your other favourite idol and most importantly the live performances. Although we see K-Pop idols perform the same songs on weekly music shows, when it comes to the MAMA’s, it is nothing short of the best live stage extravaganza.

I’m talking about big lights, special stages and over-the-top costumes that blend together to create a memorable procession of performances. In all the years I’ve been watching the MAMA's, there are a few live performances and special stages that I continue to watch time and time again.


Here are my Top 5 Memorable MAMA Performances:


"Monster In Me" (Mama 2012)

Ever wondered what it would be like if G-Dragon’s ‘Crayon’ was a Bigbang single? Well now you don’t have too. Everything from start to finish was brilliant, I actually felt like I was at their concert. I loved seeing the boys enjoy the stage and I think that’s one of the reasons why it was such a standout performance. No snazzy technical effects or over-choreographed dances, just Bigbang having a fantastic (baby) time. Ba-dum-tsssss.   


"Break Myself "(Mama 2011)

I’ll be honest; I was not a fan of MAMA 2011. I thought that most live performances were too “over-the-top” and songs were remixed (or should I say butchered) to the point where I couldn’t even recognize them. I remember waiting for someone or something to save me from the show and thankfully 2NE1 did. The girls started off with a flawless vocal performance of ‘Lonely’ and the moment I heard the beginning of ‘I Am the Best’ I thought, “Yes, I am saved”.


"Over the Top" (MKMF 2005)

If Boa did this performance at MAMA 2013 I would still love it. If you ever doubted she was the dancing queen of K-Pop all you would have to do is watch this. How she manages to sing and still sound good after a dance battle like that is beyond me. Who knew Boa’s silhouette dancer Hyoyeon would go on to become a member of the infamous Girls’ Generation.


"Battle of Princess" (MKMF 2007)

MKMF in 2007 had the best stage set up in all of its award show history. Placed in the centre surrounded by fans, the stage was perfect for any performance or in this case, the perfect dance battle. Back when Wondergirls and Girls’ Generation were Rookies and Kara had four members instead of five. By pitting their best dancers against one another, it was a memorable fight to be the prettiest and fairest of them all. Not sure who won the battle but we all know who the real winner is…that lucky guy Kim Bum.


HATE Mental Hospital (MAMA 2012)

I remember watching the show thinking “Why wasn’t Epik High on the red carpet? Are they even there?” When their performance started with a lonely Lee Hi on stage and a projected Tablo and Mithra on the screen I thought “Wow, they really aren’t there”. Then this giant balloon pill on the stage split itself in two to reveal the trio as - wait for it…BATMAN VILLAINS! Memorable costumes all right. Kudos to Mirtha who was rapping with a Bane mask on too.

Honorable mention


"Lies" Orchestra Version (MKMF 2007)

After all the extravagant performances and stages Bigbang showed that simplicity could also be memorable. G-Dragon conducts the orchestra in this special version of ‘Lies’ and we even get to see a very young Tiffany (Girls’ Generation) singing along but the most memorable moment is when T.O.P emerges from the stage pit holding the microphone like a boss.

What are some of your memorable MAMA performances?

Can’t wait to see what MAMA 2013 has in store for us. Who will dazzle and who will fizzle? We’ll soon find out ;)