When it comes to dancing, these guys have it down - and back up again - and down :P
27 Dec 2013 - 4:36 PM  UPDATED 16 Jan 2014 - 1:32 PM

When you think about the best dance videos in Asian pop, it’s often hard to pick a leader in terms of dance skill. Half the reason the routines are so tight is because of how seamlessly in sync every members’ limbs move.

In saying that, there are always members that slip into chorey just that little bit more smoothly or pop just a little sharper on the turns.

Here’s a list of TOP 10 major players we came up with.

We realise this is going to cause a LOT of arguments as OF course we have left some out. As always there’s room for you to pledge your faves in the comments.

VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED - and the winner is Super Junior's Eunhyuk!

See the top 10 you voted for in order at the bottom of this post. 

Jay Park

Check out Jay Park practising some of Di Moon Zhang’s choreography to Trey Songz “Love Faces” #swoon


SHINee – Taemin

One of the most fluid natural dancers the Asian pop world has ever seen… check out this compilation video:


 Infinite – Hoya

Ain’t nuthin’ better than a hot man getting down to a slow jam. There’s a bit as the end where he rips his shirt off that I didn’t really notice.


BTS - Jimin and J-Hope

So we couldn’t decide between these 2 BTS boys: they both kill it in technicality & swag. You will hit repeat on this about 10 times.


Miss A – Jia

This was one of Dr. J’s personal picks. The girl's got groove that’s for sure (and apparently she’s awarded 10 points for flexibility too).

F(x) – Victoria

Supposedly Victoria was scouted from one of her performances with the Beijing Dance Academy. Check her out in this one… (she’s on the left).


Girls Gen – Hyoyeon

This girl can seriously pop! One of the best in the bizz that’s for sure! It's always nice to see the girls not be so "girly" all the time too. Ditch the heels and get down I say!


Super Junior – Eunhyuk

This is seriously the best male pole dance routine I have ever seen [NB. that facts that it's the only is irrelevant] even including the bit where he gets his jacket stuck and they have to unhinge the pole (it is weird that he doesn’t just climb back up and get it, don't you think?).

EXO – Kai

EXO have to be one of the tightest groups in Asian pop: hence Kai being able to stand out & blend in all at once is a feat in itself. Apparently he’s also in pain in this dance version of “History”, see if you can tell…   

C-Clown – Rome

So we had to sneak an Australian in there didn’t we! Rome gets props both for growing up in the gong and for his sweet sweet moves…

Vote for your fave here - or add them in the comments!


Best Dancers in Asian pop 1-10