What's in store for you this 2014? Here's more than 10 comebacks to look forward to...
8 Jan 2014 - 6:14 PM  UPDATED 21 Jan 2014 - 12:32 PM

2014 has already jetted off with to blazing start!  Only 9 days in and both Girl’s Day and TVQX have already given us “Something” to get excited about (there was clearly no crossover in their marketing meetings), not to mention Rain’s epic re-entrance after 6 years.

But there’s so much more still to come! Check out some of the comebacks we’re most excited about and let us know who you are hanging by your computer/phone to get your ears on by voting below!

VOTING HAS NOW CLOSED and it seems the SOS fans are the most entusiastic about this year's forthcoming releases...


Comebacks Already Released

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Girl’s Day




Upcoming Comebacks

Girls’ Generation

Amazingly, the 9-strong girl group have enough energy for a comeback so soon after their chart topping I Got a Boy album came out last year. They won the youtube award for 'Best Video' for the title track “I Got a Boy’ – who thinks they might have another gong-getter in the bag? Here's their latest Japanese release, "My Oh My".


Leehom Wang

Jamaica is trying to conceal her excitement for Leehom’s comeback now he is off the market (but we know the truth) and it is happening this year! We haven’t had an album release from the C-pop star for 3 years now, only because Leehom has been busy working on a myriad of films: My Lucky Star (2013) and Wu Wen Xi Dong, Annihilator and Cyber all in post-production. You would think he might want to take a break or something!  



After a reasonably well-received mini album last year with a  particular nod to the lead single “What’s Happening” there is definitely some anxious fans waiting in the wings for a B1A4 full studio release. Lucky one is on its way! Who Am I is due out this month.



Arguably THE most anticipated forthcoming comeback of 2014: BIGBANG. Despite the fact that YG announced BIGBANG’s new single would drop last year – and it didn’t – it still hasn’t put a stop to the crescendo-ing excitement.

Can you believe this was their last Korean release? WE.CAN’T.WAIT.ANY.LONGER!!!!!



Can you believe we’ve never had a full album from C-Clown! OK so they’ve only been on the k-pop scene for a few years but c’mon, we crowns are gagging for a full release! Lucky we only have to wait until February 2014. Maybe Rome will even drop by the studio again to promote it?


Super Junior

There have been so many new rookies debuting of late we sometimes forget the original major players and how influential they are. Super Junior are definitely one of those groups and if their most recent release “Sexy, Free & Single” is anything to go by, the boys are going to remind us in a big way what they’re all about this year.



The Hong Kong singer-songwriter, dancer, musician (yes - she does everything) dropped a few starkly unique singles last year “Inception” and “Intoxicated” in 2013 but no full album. Who’s knows what’s exactly in store for us this year, either way it’s going to be epic.


With 2 fan-favourite tracks fronting the 6-piece Indonesian-pop girl group’s 2nd EP release “Drop it Low” and “Independent Girl” along with their most recent single “Tik Tok” you would imagine these girls have more than enough material for a full album release in 2014. We have only heard whispers this is the case… but we’re hanging onto them!


OK so the j-pop 5-piece did only just release a new album late last year Love – is it too soon to ask for another? Considering their album stormed up the Oricon charts, with 2 singles in the top 10 highest selling single charts of 2013, we’re thinking that they’ll be wanting to ride on their own coattails and get another release out before the year comes to a close.


The Ace of Angels released such a catchy single “Moya” late last year we have been salivating for new stuff from the 8-piece. Our wishes have been grated (good timing because we’re out of napkins) as the girls are set to comeback this month! Get a whirlwind AOA lesson with our PopAgent Jay K to get yourself up to speed.