See all the photos of your fave k-pop stars in action!
13 Jan 2014 - 2:50 PM  UPDATED 14 Jan 2014 - 4:48 PM

Were you wondering why all of your favourite popstars were wearing coloured tracksuits all at the same time on twitter today? It’s because the MBC 2014 Idol Olympics on today!

If you don’t know what the “Idol Olympics” are, it’s basically a big athletics tournament run by Korean television networks in coordination with the different record labels and this year, the athletics competition is being held at Seoul Jamsil Indoor Stadium and the Students’ Gymnasium.

There is always some fun rivalry between groups and best scores/times to beat!

E.g. 2AM's Jo Kwon holds the current record for the 100m sprint.  

AND if you’re a fan (and in Korea at the time) you can go along and cheer on your bias… or spend your time snooping on them canoodling with other idols (only to make animated gifs of the pics when you get home lol).

Here’s a taste of what went down last year [English subs]

And here’s the highlights package ad for the Olympics in 2013... looks cool huh?


And here are all the pics we’ve scraped from twitter TODAY:

Ajax's Hyojun not taking his eyes off the ball from 1 second!

B1A4's Baro - nice running face!

 BAP's Yongguk scratching his head #oops

...right before his massive air-hug!

 Beast's Gi-kwang & Doojoon piggybacking (I'm not sure that's an official event lol)

Boys Republic getting their groove on together (NB Ballroom dancing is not on the list of sports)

Crayon Pop's So-yul - I think she's singing as she runs...

EXO's Luhan looking like he's seen a ghost

 Infinite's Hoya -  hopefully aware that he's about to get hit in the head...

SHINee's Minho doing the "Old Grey Mare" dance

Singer Noh Jihoon - what a save! Or maybe he's just taking a quick nap ont he court?

Ze:A Dongjun #airkick

The full list of participants for football include:

SHINee: Minho

Infinite: Woohyun, Hoya

EXO: Luhan, Xiumin

BEAST: Yoon Doo Joon, Lee Ki Kwang, Yang Yoseub

Teen Top: Ricky

2AM: Im Seulong

Tasty: Soryong

Surprise: Gong Myung

Block B: UKwon

B1A4: Baro

BTS: Jimin

Lunafly: Sam

B.A.P: Bang Yong Gu, Young Jae, Yongguk

BTOB: Seo Eun Kwang, Min Hyuk

ZE:A: Tae Hyun, Dong Joon

VIXX: Ravi

M.I.B: 5Zic, Kangnam

AJAX: Hyo Jun

Boys Republic: Suwoong

Goo Ja Myung

Noh Ji Hoon

Eric Nam

Sean Lee