The tailored travel accessory has to be one of k-pop strangest creations...

Asian pop or any genre of music for that matter always comes with its own specific fashion quirks, but this one definitely seems to be one of the weirdest I've ever seen.

Perhaps we find it weird as in Australia, face masks aren’t typically worn - we barely do anything to protect ourselves from anything – we’re hopeless! But the fact that they have become a sort after & marketed fashion item is stranger still!

Check these babies out...

EXO face mask

Nu'est face mask

Bigbang's Daesung rocks a munchy-mouth face piece.

BIGBANG Daesung airport fashion face mask

Luhan EXO face mask

BAP's mirrobal mask! You won't lose Daehyun in a club now will you?

BAP Daehyun rocking a face mask

BoA takes the plain approach...

BoA's plain airport fashion

EXO's Lay goes leopard print - oooh - rooooowwwwww!

EXO LAy face mask

Super Junior face masks - get the whole collection (puppy not included).

Super junior face masks

And amazingly, Japanese street style takes an idea and turns it into something incredible:

Japanese face mask street style

Even Nicki Minaj has jumped on board! In a tailor-made printed way...

Nicki Minaj fashion face mask

So what do you think - would you bust out one of these babies on a domestic flight?

Let us know!