This might turn you off wanting to go travelling with your bias...
16 Jan 2014 - 4:09 PM  UPDATED 16 Jan 2014 - 4:21 PM

A lot of k-pop stars barely go on holiday it seems as they’re too busy rehearsing, recording, touring or thinking about how they aren’t supposed to be dating their crushes (that would take up a lot of my headspace).

Here are some funny moments of from the idols in between work, on tour & reality shows:


BIGBANG ride the scariest rollercoaster in Japan on this Japanese talk show. Seungri freaks out & Daesung looks like he’s going to be sick. Lol

Wait until they go into the haunted house – Daesung is hilarious!


EXO’s Kai loses his way back to his hotel room in London

LOL poor Kai! Lucky a few British fans helped him/harassed him along the way.


2NE1’s Minzy invades Bom’s hotel room and videos it. I don’t blame her for trying to hide!


Girls’ Generations Taeyeon gets hit by Hyoyeon's car door

I’m not sure Hyuyeon even says sorry! haha


Beast singing ALL the time – even in a confined car [skip to 2:35]

So I’m not sure I would like to be stuck with the Beast members on holiday, especially for a long road trip.

Okay - who am I kidding. :P