Can you pass Jamaica's Aussie citizenship quiz?
20 Jan 2014 - 5:57 PM  UPDATED 25 Jan 2015 - 11:24 AM

Jamaica's Aussie Citizenship Quiz

MegaMatt put Jamaica's Australian citizenship to the test with a series of extremely well thought out, mind-bending questions on SBS PopAsia radio...

Now it's your turn...

1. Which city was the temporary capital city at Federation in 1901?

  • Melbourne (VIC)
  • Sydney (NSW)
  • Dog Swamp (WA)


2. What is a spider? (not the insect)

  • A sprinkler system
  • A clothes line
  • A fizzy drink with icecream on top


3. What does "now we're cooking with gas" mean?

  • Australia finally got gas cookers
  • Now things are working!
  • Someone in the room let a fart out


4. Has Batman ever lived in Australia?

  • Yes - Gotham city is in QLD
  • No
  • Yes- John Batman is the founder of Melbourne


5. What does the abbreviation “oldies” mean?

  • Parents
  • Smelly socks
  • When you have more than 2 pet goldfish


6. What does the abbreviation “lippie” mean?

  • Aussie slang for 'hippie'
  • When you make a duck-face
  • Aussie slang for 'Lipstick'


7. What does the abbreviation “freebie” mean?

  • When you get something for free
  • The mall
  • Cup cakes with no fat


8. What does the abbreviation “Goldie” mean?

  • unbrushed teeth
  • The Gold Coast
  • Cornflakes


9. What does the abbreviation “lammie” mean?

  • A name for a person with a broken arm
  • A Lamington cake
  • A little lamb


10. What does the abbreviation “U-ie” mean?

  • A sheep with a cold
  • An Aussie doughnut
  • A U-Turn


11. What amount of Vegemite is the right amout? 

  • 50/50 butter to vegemite ratio
  • Enough that you can't see the toast at all beneath
  • Any - just put it in my mouth now!!!

You can find the answesr to the quiz here.

How did you go? Leave your scores in the comments just for fun!

See Jamaica's first taste of fairy bread that MegaMatt made her... he looks like a Masterchef contestant waiting for judgement. LOL