Who was the first artist that turned you into an Asian pop menace? MWAH HA HA [evil laugh]
4 Feb 2014 - 4:16 PM  UPDATED 4 Feb 2014 - 5:58 PM

We want to find out from you Asian pop fiends who the first person was that turned you PopAsian AKA obsessed with all things Asian pop... and one who only feeds on the fresh blood of rookie boybands [OK that last part is only a joke].

Here's what the PopAsia crew had to say...



A fox demon turned me! Got reeaaalllyy into an anime character named Youko Kurama, and loved the show’s soundtrack, too. From then on it was Asian Pop everything.

Youko Kurama


I’d heard about some group who played at Sydney’s Town Hall so I searched YouTube for Shiny and found a bunch of Pokemon videos.  I figured boy-bands weren’t a Pokemon thing so I searched “shiny Asian pop” and my search engine helpfully asked “did I mean SHINee?” – the rest is History (although that’s an EXO story).

Dr. J

My cousin got me into K-Pop. He showed me some clips from SM Town Paris 2011 and I found the whole thing so fascinating – the performance, the spectacle, the business, and global scale of the cultural phenomenon.

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