Which slang word confused you back when you were an Asian pop newbie?
5 Feb 2014 - 4:30 PM  UPDATED 4 Nov 2015 - 4:12 PM

If you’re already a fan of Asian pop you’re probably already aware that PopAsians have their own kind of special lingo – in other words – they speak kinda funny! Perhaps you’re a Asian pop newbie and have thought, “What are these darn kids on about?” (That’s presuming you’re a 90 year old man running a fair ground)

When groups of people come together to talk/obsess over one thing, in this case, Asian pop – there is bound to be the emergence of some kind of sub-cultural slang.

Here are some of the terms we put together.

Add more in the comments and we’ll add them to the list!


General Asian Pop terms:

Shipping (this one confused me when the Asian Pop article on SMH came out…)- To show support for a couple, whether the two individuals involved are a couple or not.
Example: Jamaica ships Mikasa and Levi from Attack On Titan, despite the fact they're not actually interested in one another. (OR ARE THEY?!)

Teaser- A short video of a music video that 'teases' a new release.

SNS- Social Networking Sites

Fandom- Fans of a particular group or genre.

OTP – One True Pairing (in shipping)

Bias – favourite

K-pop terms:

Daebak - in korean it literally means 'Jackpot', or 'Woah! Awesome!'

TT - Two 'T''s look like crying eyes, it originally came from a Korean character that looks like 'TT'

OTL - Looks like someone kneeling on the floor. 'Can't handle this' feels

Maknae – youngest member of a group

Selca – selfie (self-camera)

Oppa – what girls call older guys

Noona – what younger boys call older girls

Sasaeng – crazy stalker fans

Aegyo – Korean word for acting cutesy

Hwaiting – “Fighting”, usually used to encourage an artist

Comeback - a new release (the artist doesn't have to be away all that long to comeback)

Omo- Like OMG.

Gwiyomi Player – another form of Aegyo (created by Ilhoon of BtoB_ and spread through a song by Hari). “Gwiyomi” or "Kiyomi" is slang for “a cute person”

Saranghae - I love you

Fan Cafe - fan cafes are official fanclub websites

Fan Chant - when fans shout a particular cheer in unison


Sunbae – Senior (within a group/club/business – mentor)

Hoobae – Junior

And Japanese equivalent:

Senpai – Senior

Kohai - Junior


J-POP terms:

Bishounen/ Bishie – beautiful boy; like Ren from NU’EST

Bijin – beautiful girl

Kawaii – cute

Chibi – short or small (version of)

Faito – “Fight”, usually used to encourage

PV- promotional video (music video)

ikemen - really tough/manly idols (girls too, like tomboys!)

C-POP terms:

Jia You – Add Oil (Do your Best!)

màiméng - to play cute, to pretend to be cute


Do you know any more?

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