Seungri dresses as a hot chick, Hyuna teases & Donghae parties with chicken... SEE THE PHOTOS!
6 Feb 2014 - 3:41 PM  UPDATED 18 Jun 2014 - 5:30 PM

Asian pop stars have taken to instagram in recent weeks like the rest of world took to PSY's pony-riding-dance-move last year: in a BIG and sometimes awkward way.

So we thought we rifle through each of their private profiles and compile the funniest, cutest and most oddball ones we can find EVERY WEEK!


WEEK 18 (June 18 2014)

Jay Park dropped a shirtless self for us on his instagram. #notcomplaining

WEEK 17 (May 7 2014)

2NE1's Dara posted this pic on her instagram recently of her and BIGBANG's Seungri with the caption "G-DRAGON & T.O.P ?!? No no no no!!! We're V-Dragon & Doom Dara" LOL

Seungri and Dara dress up as TOP and GD


WEEK 16 (March 27 2014)

We've been a bit quiet posting lately... but Girls' Generation's Sunny sure hasn't! She reached 1Million followers yesterday - I wonder why. #ermagerdshessocute

WEEK 15 (February 24 2014)

Taeyeon instagrammed a picture of Girls' Generation's new album cover Mr.Mr! Check it out! Looks a little bit creepy don't you think? Mr.Mr was due out today but because of a few set backs editing the Mr.Mr. MV, the release date was pushed back. Hopefully it's out soon - we can't wait!

Girls Generation Mr Mr cover

WEEK 14 (February 10 2014)

Indo-pop girl group S.O.S's Yeye took this cute in-transit seflie yesterday. So cute! Even though at first I thought her pillow was her arms. LOL. Follow Yeye here.

WEEK 13 (February 3 2014)

Happy birthday to BAP's Jongup! He took this cute pic last September. The boys have just released their fist come back MV "1004(Angel"), you can watch it here.

BAP Moon Jongup

WEEK 12 (January 20)

Awww check out what AKB48's Haruna Kojima today! Cute bows :)


What do you think of G-Dragon's new Parisian blue hair? (I don't think that's thing) & Taeyang's wearable art jacket? The Bigbang pair are in Paris at the moment for fashion week.

Hungarian model fashion model Barbara Palvin tweeted G-Dragon while he was there "you were in Paris and u didnt tell me?! lol" Lol indeed.

WEEK 11 (January 13)

G-Dragon having a party of one. Awww don't be sad GD, we can always come over! :P 

G-Dragon shaking marraccas

WEEK 10 (January 6)

Happy New Year PopAsians! I tried to find some crazy NYE party photos on idol's instagrams, but it seems they were all very sensible (or so bad they couldn't post anything). Jea's (Brown Eyed Girls) puppy appears to eb the only one who hit the town all dressed up! Soooooo kewt.

Jea Brown Eyed Girls puppy


WEEK 9 (December 16)

We're been talking a lot about other Bigbang members hair this week... so now what do you think of G-Dragon's new purple do?

G-Dragon Purple Hair

And here he is getting a little excited about bowling a strike...


HyunA and the 4Minute girls post a cute hello on instagram. #nawwww Check it out:


WEEK 8 (December 1)

Guess who joined instagram TODAY!?!?! It's B2ST's Hyunseung - the hair is a giveaway right? Follow him @89_h  

It's good to see G-Dragon has some downtime - finally! And is there really a better way to spend it than sliding down a railing eating icecream with your boys...?


WEEK 7 (November 25)

2NE1 hangin out with Bigbang's Taeyang & Daesung at the 2013 MAMA Awards.

2ne1 with Taeyang at the MAMA Awards 2013

2Ne1 with Daesung

WEEK 6 (November 18)

It appears some of us are already getting into the holiday spirit... with great enthusiam. lol Key - you're such a kidder!


WEEK 5 (November 11)

SECRET’s Hyosung posted this cute pic of herself with After School’s UEE, SPICA’s Jiwon and G.Na just the other day. Remember when the four girls + Wonder Girls’ Yubin were set to debut as the aptly named ‘Five Girls’? Maybe there’s still a chance?  

Jay Park posted a pic of SISTAR's Bora today wearing an AOMG t-shirt, reigniting rumours that he and she are "hanging out"... also reigniting his fans love for paying him out for his obsession with her. lol.

Jay Park and Bora

It's Dara from 2Ne1's birthday today! And there's no better way to celebrate than by joining instagram! Actually I can think of a few... one may or may not involve cupcakes. Check out her first post.

Dara from 2Ne1's first post on instagram


WEEK 4 (November 4)

In light of the Miss A girls' comeback - which dropped TODAY (see below) - there has been more pics than usual posted on instagram by the girls (follow Jia here). Check this group shot out. How funny is Min?

Check out their new track "Hush" here:


WEEK 3 (October 28)

OMG check out this video of G-Dragon falling asleep - sneakily posted by Taeyang. #socute #nodrool?!?!

Check out SHINee all dressed up for Halloween! Only a few days early :) Jonghyun as Naruto and Key is Piccolo from Dragon Ball Z!

SHINee Halloween instagram

And the crew...

SHINee Halloween instagram

Instagram star of the week has to go to Jamaica! Despite the fact she looks stunning, she's made a few new BFF's in Vietnam at the ABU Song Festvial... SISTAR's Hyorin & So_You!!!! We're not sure whether this was taken before or after she tripped over them backstage #TrueStory.

Jamaica dela Cruz hanging with SISTAR at the ABU Song fest

WEEK 2 (October 21)

Guess who's leaving for Hanoi in Vietnam to meet a lil' certain SBS PopAsia host? It's SISTAR's Soyou & Hyolyn of course!

SISTAR Hyolyn and Soyou on their way to Hanoi in Vietnam

Girls' Generation's Tae-yeon stretches her crazily long legs and has a very close look at her passport... might be time to get your eyes tested Taengoo!

Girls' Generation's Tae-yeon stretches her long legs


WEEK 1 (October 14)

Who is the sexy chick 2NE1's CL is hanging out with? lol 

2NE1's CL is hanging out with who on instagram?

Follow CL: @chaelin_cl

Hyuna teases us with supposed Trouble Maker comeback pics. She's always teasing us! :P

Hyuna teases us with sexy trouble maker comeback photos

Hyuna teases us with sexy trouble maker comeback photos

Follow Hyuna: @hyunah_aa

Want to know what Super Junior's Donghae got up to for his birthday? Eating a LOT of chicken by the looks! lol

Super Junior's Lee Donghae eats chicken for his birthday

Folllow Donghae: @leedonghae