Resident K-drama addict Shay Shay breaks down 'Running Man' coming to Australia for you.
11 Feb 2014 - 2:37 PM  UPDATED 27 Feb 2014 - 3:50 PM

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Click on Rain to see the rest of the cast leaving Australia for Seoul.

Running Man Sydney Airport


The Running Man Cast Departing Sydney Airport



Here is some fan fooatge of the Running Man crew arriving at Brisbane airport. Credit: mondayssang



The schedule for Running man in Australia leaked last night, but as yet, we can't be sure it is the official schedule.

This is the information me have so far:

Schedule - Running Man Filming in Australia

22 February 2014, Saturday

- Depart from Incheon International Airport to Brisbane Airport

23 February 2014, Sunday

- Arrive Brisbane Airport at 6.30AM (Local Time)

- The ferry to Tangalooma island leaves from Holt Street Wharf

- Arrive Tangalooma Island Resort (Located at Moreton Island) at 8.30AM

- Filming at Gold Coast Sunday at 2PM

24 February 2014, Monday

- Federation Square & the State Library

25 February 2014, Tuesday

- Filming at Melbourne: a new rumoured location prior to Sovereign Hill is the Rippon Lea House.

- Followed by Soverign Hill. REMINDER: These are just rumoured locations.

- Also rumoured is their transport route from Essendon Airport to Tullermarine, before departing for Sydney. 

26 February 2014, Wednesday

- Depart by taking international flight of domestic routes (Passed through Sydney Airport and back to Korea)

*NB This is not an official statement & we have not received final confirmation*





Yesterday Melbourne came out by the crowd full to politely stalk the cast & crew of Running Man across the city. It seems Federation Square managers attempted to disperse the crowds with their earlier tweet as both guest stars Rain and Kim Woo Bin were both spotted near the main intersection and at the State Library (an earlier rumoured location) SEE THE PICS BELOW. Good luck runners! Please be safe.

ALSO SEE our updated rumoured schedule above.


Running Man won't appear in Fed square





running man special guests confirmed

Running Man special guests have been confirmed! Rain and actor/model Kim Woo Bin will make guest appearances on 'Running Man' in the Australian episode due to start filming next week (see schedule below)!  Lee Jong Suk was scheduled to appear as well, but apparently he has been struckdown with swine flu!

Lee Jong Suk's reps told Star News, "Lee Jong Suk has been confirmed to feature on the 'Running Man' Australia special but he was diagnosed with swine flue on the 18th so he has to focus on receiving treatment... We will have to observe Lee Jong Suk's health condition prior to the departure date."

 Kim Woo Bin's agency rep told MyDaily, "Kim Woo Bin has been confirmed to appear on the 'Running Man' Australia special. He will depart on the 22nd."

Rain's agency Cube DC rep stated,"Rain is set to depart to the set of 'Running Man' this weekend and received a request from the staff reps to wait for the departure date yesterday (18th)."No conformation for Miss A's Suzy so far. We tell you again - WATCH THIS SPACE!



As diehard fans will already know - Running Man is a Korean reality “action variety” show where teams or individuals compete against each other and in the process... hilarity ensues! The show's stars accomplish missions in a bid to win a prize or be exempted from doing something embarrassing. The highlight of the show is often the signature ‘Race Mission’ where individuals have to remove each other’s tags to become the winner.

When Running Man first aired in July 2010 I was completely hooked and would wait (and still do) in excitement for a new episode every week. Three years later, it’s labelled one of the greatest Variety shows in South Korea and has become an International sensation dubbed the ‘Hallyu Program’.

I’d like to think I’m one of Running Man’s biggest fans. Having watched from the very start, I know the relationship chart like the back of my hand and can sing every cast members standard theme song.

The cast include:

Yoo Jae-suk



Ji Suk-jin

Kim Jong-kook

Lee Kwang-soo

Song Ji-hyo

But there are often also special guest stars!

Running Man relationship chart

Running Man character chart

It’s always been on my bucket list to see the Running Man cast in the flesh but since the show takes place in South Korea and I live in Australia, I never thought it would be possible until now.

That’s right Pop Asians, the Running Man cast is coming to Australia. Excuse me while I do the ugly/happy cry.

Jaesuk, Gary, Jihyo, Kwangsoo, Jongkook, Haha and Sukjin will be making their way Downunder in mid February: you can read quotes from the procucer here. Running Man has already filmed specials shows in Thailand, Vietnam, Macau and Hong Kong but this will be the first time Running Man will film an episode outside of Asia. Where exactly they will land, we are yet to find out - so watch this space!

No doubt Running Man’s brilliant production team will create missions and games that will capture the Australian scenery and culture.

In the odd chance they don’t, I’ve come up with some Running Man moments I’d love to see with an Aussie twist.


What could be more romantic than Monday Couple’s first kiss?

A second kiss on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge


Just imagine Kwangsoo’s epic facials when he tries Vegemite for the first time

Running Man Kwangsoo ugly face


It’ll be the Aussie showdown of the year: everyone’s favourite Grasshopper against our very own Blinky Bill



If JiHyo can befriend this cute little lion cub, who says she can’t do the same with a Joey?

jihyo lion cub running man



They will play my favourite ‘Pedometer Dancing’ game to Men At Work’s “Land Down Under”

Which Running Man member are you most excited to see?

Personally I love them all but if I see Kwangsoo on the street I’ll be cheering in the corner like this guy. FIST PUMP!

Rain is also tipped to be special guest star! But it's only a rumour thus far...

Who would you like to see join the Running Man crew?


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