Find out who is your ideal Asian pop boyfriend... I'm guessing maybe you know already!
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It’s Valentine's week here at SBS PopAsia and we’re talking all things eyelid-fluttering, chocolate flavoured, gushy, mushy & love-spongy: especially when it comes to our each of our bias’.

Today is all about BOYFRIENDS (you can see our list of TOP 10 Asian pop dream girlfriends here)! No not the 6-piece k-pop band (although I’d be happy to date Youngmin) but the Asian pop stars who would make the best boyfriends and why.

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Here’s our list of top 12...

If your bias isn’t there, add him in the comments and why :)

GOT7 – Jackson

Jackson is the gag-man of the group, so he will always be ready to entertain you and make you laugh as he does all the other members. In an interview he once said his style is, “the man who comes to mind on a snowy day’. LOL he’s also an amazing fencer so he can defend you if you ever get into danger! 

Full Name: Jackson Wang /王嘉爾

Born: March 28, 1994

Height: 174CM

Blood Type: O

Profession: Lead rapper, vocalist, dancer

BTS - Suga 

He’s cheeky, fun… a little mischievous (his name contradicts his image) and likes girls who are into music (hello!), more specifically hip hop. He has an appreciation for Epik High so if you’re into them too *fist bumps*. Suga is also very upfront and honest and likes to speak his mind, bonus if you ever need to ask him, “Hey babe does my bum look big in this?”

Full Name: Min Yoon-gi / 민윤기

Born: March 9, 1993

Height: 176CM

Blood Type: O

Profession: Rapper

BIGBANG - G-Dragon

Said to be very attentive and thoughtful when it comes to girlfriends; he’ll tie your shoelaces and get you a glass of water after your meal. His ideal woman is someone he’s comfortable with and who doesn’t act fake around him.

Full Name: 권지용 / Kwon Ji Yong

Born: August 18, 1988

Height: 177CM

Blood Type: A

Profession: Leader, Rapper, Composer, Solo artist & producer


ARASHI - Sakurai Sho

Last year 500 Japanese women were asked who their Top 10 Dream Celebrity Boyfriends are and Sho was #1. He’s very smart and serious: likes sweet, simple, intelligent and independent girls.

Full Name: さくらい しょう / Sakurai Sho

Born: January 25, 1982

Height: 171CM

Blood Type: A

Profession: Actor, singer and TV news anchor



He’s funny, good-looking and treats his momma right! What more could a girl want? He says he’s no longer searching for his ideal type (unless that's you), just someone who can accept his career as a celebrity. So you have to love the high-life girl! That’s so much to ask #winkyface

Full Name: 羅志祥 / Lo Chih Hsiang

Born: July 30, 1979

Height: 180CM

Blood Type: O

Profession: Actor, Singer, Host


CNBLUE - Yonghwa

He’s sweet, sings, plays guitar and is so modest that he doesn’t even think he’s good-looking. He’s also athletic and is considered an ace in popular TV show Running Man. His ideal type is a feminine girl who’s honest and supports his job as a celebrity.

Full Name: 정용화/ Jung Yong-hwa

Born: June 22, 1989

Height: 180CM

Blood Type: A

Profession: Singer, actor and songwriter


Kaichou Wa Maid Sama (Anime) - Takumi Usui 

The most popular boy in school; extraordinarily talented in cooking, playing the violin, chess and etiquette; his ideal girl is the anime’s protagonist Misaki Ayuzawa. So we know it’s hard to win over the heart of a fictional character – but we can dream right?

Full Name: 碓氷 拓海 / Takumi Usui

Born: April 27th

Height: 186CM

Blood Type: O

Profession: Student (he’s good at everything)


JYJ - Jaejoong

HE’S GORGEOUS. Apparently he’s the type to skip school to sing for his girlfriend - naughty & nice! His ideal girl doesn’t have to be pretty, but she has to have pretty hands and feet; he also likes a girl who looks innocent on the outside, but is naughty on the inside. “What does that mean?" [insert girly giggle]

Full Name: 김재중/ Kim Jae-joong

Born: January 26, 1986

Height: 180CM

Blood Type: O

Profession: Lead Vocalist & solo artist


SHINee - Onew

Voted second in a Korean media poll of dream K-pop boyfriends, he’s also always SMILING and says he would sing and play piano for his girlfriend. His ideal type is a “good” person who knows how to cook (preferably chicken, his one true love).

Full Name: 이진기/ Lee Jin-ki

Born: December 14, 1989

Height: 177CM

Blood Type: O

Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist


EXO - Chanyeol

The type to make 100 paper cranes for his girlfriend and spend all his allowance buying her roses—he also knows how to knit and his ideal type is 2NE1’s Dara (congratulations already if you get mistaken for her), or someone who’s cute, smiles a lot and is sincere.

Full Name: 박찬열/ Park Chan Yeol

Born: November 27th, 1992

Height: 185CM

Blood Type: A

Position: Main rapper, Vocalist


2PM - Taecyeon

He’s super smart and speaks 3 languages: Korean, Japanese and English and has a business degree on top of all of his acting & performance credentials. Apparently he likes a “pure and innocent” style and his ideal type is someone who is tall (168cm or more) or Scarlett Johansson (so he mustn’t he too fixated on the height thing). He has also never asked a girl out so you’ll have to make the first move!  

Full Name: 옥택연 / Ok Taek Yeon

Born: December 27, 1988

Height: 185CM

Blood Type: AB

Profession: Singer, model & actor


BOYFRIEND - Donghyun

He says he wants to be the perfect boyfriend – so even if he’s not, at least you know he’s trying to be! He also says that because he careful and a little guarded, he prefers lively girls who smile a lot.

Donghyun is also the most fluent in English in the group (along with Minwoo) and like to work out and play piano: both sporty and musical! He has also said that if he really loves a girl he “will hold onto her no matter what it takes” *sigh*

Full Name: 김동현 / Kim Dong Hyun

Born: February 12, 1989

Height: 178CM

Blood Type: A

Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist

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