Meet Chinese Australian Prince Mak & the other four members of Jackie Chan's supergroup...
12 Mar 2014 - 4:41 PM  UPDATED 31 Mar 2014 - 4:28 PM


The Aussie member of Jackie Chan's new k-pop group "Prince Mak" (his real name is Henry) recently chatted to the Sydney Morning Herald about South Korea's strict training regimes. He said,

"Why did we start in Korea? Because Korea actually has the best training in the world. Korean artists are actually really good and [so is] the way of training." (read the full article here)

Double JC's Prince Mak



Jackie Chan's boy band, Double JC have just released their 1st MV "At First". Check it out! Apparently Aussie member Prince Mak got himself injured before they shot this MV which is why he doesn't appear. #Sadface

You can see Prince Mak in this live video though:



Renowned martial arts actor Jackie Chan has created his very own 5-member k-pop JJCC (Double JC) group and it includes a Chinese Australian who goes by the name of Prince Mak!

The other four members go by the names of SimBa,, EDDY, San-Cheong. Leader SimBa and are former models and EDDY already has a recognisable face after auditioning from MasterChef Korea.

Double JC managed by the Jackie Chan Group Korea stated, “All the members have rap, vocal, and song writing skills, as well as various dance skills such as popping, b-boying, and ballet. They also are able to speak in three languages- English, Chinese, and Korean. Please look forward to more from JJCC, which hopes to represent Asia through each member’s unique talents coming together for a good synergistic effect.”

W-O-W. They sound like a bunch of talented lads. Are you excited to see what they bring to the stage?

JJCC are set to debut from May onwards.

Jackie Chan's supergroup Double JC