While promoting ToHeart's new release, Key let a name slip on air...
19 Mar 2014 - 12:47 PM  UPDATED 19 Mar 2014 - 12:48 PM

SHINee's Key and Infinite's Woohyun were recently interviewed on SBS PowerFM’s “Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” (catchy title) to promote their new release "Deliscious".

As you can imagine, the topic of "ideal types" arose. Woohyun said,

“Our ideal types are different to the point where when I say who I find the prettiest among girl groups, Key goes ‘Really?’” Key said, “Our tastes are similar, but we have different types of females we like.” 

But when asked who the boys think is the prettiest at their company (SM) Key finally admitted,

“I’ve seen Girls’ Generation so much,” but finally revealed, “Tiffany.”

Oooh la la! What a shame as Woohyun and Key look so cute together! Haha

Are you happy or devastated?

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