If you don't know what "chibi" means, I'm also here to help...
25 Mar 2014 - 3:47 PM  UPDATED 25 Mar 2014 - 4:21 PM

Chibi. (noun). A Japanese slang word meaning “short person”, “small child” or “small animal.” In anime and manga circles, it can also refer to a style of drawing characters with oversized heads, or to describe the child versions of characters.

For example, here are the characters of popular anime series Naruto in CHIBI-style:

Naruto characters chibi style


Fawning over taller guys has always been the norm, but lately the “chibis” have been gaining lots of ground in our hearts. Here’s my Top 5 Ranking of the Hottest Chibis:

5 – Josh Hutcherson, The Hunger Games

Hunger Games stars

Height: 1.67m

‘The Hutch’ captured hearts all around the world thanks to his beautiful portrayal of Peeta Mellark in the film adaptation of The Hunger Games.  Who doesn’t want to be loved like Peeta loves Katniss?

4 – Nova, Arcana Famiglia

Nova, Arcana Famiglia


Height: 1.63m

Nova is only 15 years old, but he’s already the head of the Arcana Family’s ‘Cups’ Division. He’s intelligent, refined, reliable and kicks butt with his samurai sword—so don’t ever call him ‘chickpea.’ ;)

3 – Killua Zoldyck, HunterXHunter

Killua Zoldyck, HunterXHunter

Height: 1.58m

Killua’s only 12 (or 14, depending where you are in the show), so he may not always be a chibi. Doesn’t change the fact that he’s cheeky, fun…and a one-man killing machine! Part of a prominent assassin clan, Killua started his training early and is now one of their deadliest.

2 - Toushiro Hitsugaya (Hitsugaya-Taichou), Bleach

Toushiro Hitsugaya (Hitsugaya-Taichou), Bleach


Height: 1.33m

Although he’s not the main character in Bleach (that would be Ichigo Kurosaki), he later defeated Ichigo in the Shonen Jump polls for most popular character in the series. Not surprising, considering how COOL the baby-faced Death God is. He’s one of the most powerful fighters in Bleach, and he’s the captain of his own division, too!

1 – Levi (Levi-Heishichou), Attack on Titan


Levi (Levi-Heishichou), Attack on Titan

Height: 1.60m

By now you may have noticed that the hottest chibis in the world have a lot in common. They’re good-looking, super cool, madly skilled and often lead their own team or division. Captain Levi is no exception, often viewed in the Attack on Titan world as “Humanity’s Strongest Soldier.” Few (if any) can match his battle prowess and…cleanliness. He also has a bad-boy past and a deep, sexy voice. Don’t you just love guys in uniform?

Let me know if a chibi has found their way into your heart, too!

See you in the comments section. ;)