This is so weird...
1 Apr 2014 - 4:06 PM  UPDATED 3 Apr 2014 - 6:45 PM


Korea's biggest broadcaster KBS has deemed Crayon Pop's "Uh-ee" unfit for broadcast! Boy they are strict! They only just rejected Orange Caramel's "Catallena" MV too.

Their agency Chrome Entertainment CEO told Star News, "We were notified that ['Uh-ee'] was deemed unsuitable for broadcast by KBS so we modified the problem lyrics 'bbikka bbunjjuck' to 'bbunjjuk bbunjjuk' and submitted it for reconsideration."

KBS originally objected because the song uses a Japanese phrase, "Among the lyrics, 'bbikka bbunjjuck' is a Japanese expression."   The expression just refers to something sparkley, however the broadcaster is government funded and imposed to force correct spelling and expressions of the Korean language.

Imagine if we had to "Aussie-fy" all of our foreign expressions? "C'est la vie? " NO it's "say le viiiiieeeee"  haha


Crayon Pop are back with a new MV "Uh-ee" and it's adorably weird. Check it out.

I'm open to suggestions - but could this be the NEW "Chicken Dance"? It's not as simple to do, but then again it's also not half as repetitive and annoying - I think we all need to learn the "Uh-ee" dance!

As you can see, the 5 member girl group including: Gum-mi, Ellin, Cho-a, Way and So-yul have a new look!

On their new costumes, Cho-A said, "While celebrating the New Year, the members took pictures in our Hanbok and we realized if the outfits could be altered slightly the would actually be quite comfortable to wear around all the time ... so that was our inspiration." They go a step further adding in an 'ahjumma' dance that easy for anyone to follow.

Are you a fan of the re-invented Crayon Pop sans helmets?

If you forgot what the chicken dance is, these kids are here to remind you...


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