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1 Apr 2014 - 1:21 PM  UPDATED 7 May 2014 - 2:20 PM

Listen to EXO-K's full mini album Overdose right now...

EXO-M's version is also on available on youtube.



I don't think EXO's new MV "Overdose" needs any further introduction...

Check out this live version too performed by EXO-M! They make dancing in suits so easy!




EXO's comeback has been suspended indefinitely. Samsung Music posted the following on their official facebook page. 

"To the customers of Samsung Music.

We send our deep condolences to the victims and their families who are experiencing a large pain due to this unfortunate accident. Samsung Music has decided to indefinitely suspend all events, including the EXO special event. We ask for understanding of all our members. We will be making announcements later on when we will resume the event. Also, the information of those who entered for the fansigning is still valid, and will be reflected regularly when the event is resumed."

EXO's mini-album was due to be released today April 21. SM Entertainment had previously stated,

"We thank the fans for their great interest in new mini-album 'Overdose' and will later on announce the release date once it's been confirmed."

See allkpop's article for more information. 



EXO comeback teaser medleys

Just when you thought there was nothing left to "tease"... Check out the EXO K & M "Overdose" mini-album teasers... 

Here is the official tracklist:

  1. Overdose
  2. Moonlight
  3. Thunder
  4. Run
  5. Love Love Love

NEW Unreleased Teaser Photos

EXO unreleased teaser photos Baekhyun

EXO unreleased teaser photos Chanyeol

EXO unreleased teaser photos Chen

EXO unreleased teaser photos DO

EXO unreleased teaser photos Kai

EXO unreleased teaser photos Kris

EXO unreleased teaser photos Lay

EXO unreleased teaser photos Luhan

EXO unreleased teaser photos SeHun

EXO unreleased teaser photos SuHo

EXO unreleased teaser photos Tao

EXO unreleased teaser photos Xiu Min


EXO-K "Overdose" teaser

EXO-M "Overdose" teaser



EXO have announced the title & style of their new single to be performed for the 1st time at Samsung Music's 'EXO Comeback Show' at Jamsil Arena on the 15th at 8 PM KST (you can live stream it at Samsung Music.)

SM Entertainment said, "'Overdose' is a dance track with an urban feel rooted in hip hop and R&B. It is the collaborative work of The Underdogs, who worked with Beyonce, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, and other famous pop stars, and famous composer Kenzie who is responsible for many hit tracks."



EXO have released some new teaser photos of Luhan and Kai... we can only imagine there is more to come.  It also means that the comback is definitely happening: it was no April Fools joke friends!


EXO comeback teaser photos Xiumin


EXO comeback teaser photos Chanyeol


EXO comeback teaser photos Kris


EXO comeback teaser photos Lay


EXO comeback teaser photos Lay


EXO comeback teaser photos


EXO comeback teaser photos


EXO comeback teaser photos Tao


EXO comeback teaser photos Sehun


EXO comeback teaser photos Kai


EXO comeback teaser photos Luhan

Click to see EXO's cutest pre-dubut photos



It’s finally been confirmed! OK... so it really hasn’t been that long between songs (especially with EXO’s epic 2013 Christmas album release) but EXO are making a comeback this April!

The 12-strong boy band will be releasing a new mini-album on April 15 after they hold a special comeback show as SM Entertainment stated, "EXO will hold their 'EXO Comeback Show' at Jamsil Arena, Seoul on the 15th and will kick off activities for their new mini-album."

EXO will be promoting their new mini-album as EXO-K and EXO-M in Korea and China respectiveyl AND the 'EXO Comeback Show' (who would have thunk that would be the title) will also be streamed live through Samsung Music.

EXO comeback show poster 2014

Here is their special "Christmas Day" performance to remind you of their live show skills... dayum.