Girls' Generation's Tiffany provides such an eye-opening interview. A must read.
1 Apr 2014 - 2:29 PM  UPDATED 1 Apr 2014 - 2:50 PM

Dazed & Confused magazine have been delving into the world of k-pop for a while now… are you surprised?  Thanks to their avant-garde approach to music, art and culture storytelling; they’ve managed to get some really interesting responses from Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany in their extensive interview.

Here Tiffany addresses the issue of the press onslaught, body image, future prospects and love.

DD: You mention looking a certain way and there's always been a physical scrutiny on you and the rest of Girls' Generation. Your face, your hair and clothes are consistently commented on. How do you deal with that?

Tiffany: At first it always bothers you even though you say it doesn't. But I think if you want to exceed limits, you have to suck that all in and be happy with what you have. At first it was painful to watch all those things but now I take it as constructive criticism or I don't bother to look at it.

DD: The average age in Girls' Generation is around 24. Your personal priorities must have changed greatly in the past few years. What do you want in the near future?

Tiffany: GG will continually do what we do but there'll be a time where all the girls can do what they want. I'd like to pursue music back home because I still tend to express myself better through my mother language – English – and it's something I've been dreaming about and would like to achieve. I think it's about being happy. I am happy now, I get to go out on stage and show something new. That's the joy of doing what you love to do.

DD: Can you see music taking a backseat to a personal life one day?

Tiffany: Oh, when the time is ready, absolutely. I don't know when but I do want to get married and have kids. I am a hopeless romantic. I find love is the most vital part of life, of my art. And I hope that everyone will sincerely be happy about what my members are being happy about. People who truly love us will love the decisions we make. In the long term, me and the other girls will have families and that's the joy of life and we need to experience that as well.

DD: When the news about two members being in relationships hit were you nervous for them?

Tiffany: I think it's because we kept our personal lives and work lives so organised (that) it became a shock. I'm very happy (for them) but I was concerned about the girls because it's nothing to feel bad for or worried about. It's a beautiful thing to happen. When it does happen and to whoever it happens to, we hope that the decisions are supported. Going public, it wasn't actually their choice. It was through the press and sometimes I do wish the press would respect when we'd want to release this news. We're serious, and we want to be serious about our work and our private lives as well.

DD: So say in ten years it will be a lot of GG husbands and GG babies all backstage...

Tiffany: I look up to the Spice Girls, I love the fact they're still close, they went after what they wanted but still support each other. I think we'll be able to be that kind of group. Members' dating has been such big news but our focus is on the band, and we love the fans no matter what. I feel they'll be happy in the same way that we are happy for the girls.

You can read the full Dazed & Confused SNSD Tiffany interview here.

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