You might think some of these artists are just jumping on the k-wave bandwagon... but are they?
3 Apr 2014 - 3:28 PM  UPDATED 3 Apr 2014 - 4:27 PM

As Asian pop, especially k-pop sojourns further into the Western arena we hear more and more confessions from celebrities about their undying love of particular artists.

Only recently did actress Emma Stone admit at a press conference in Tokyo, "I like Korea, Seoul, arirang, K-Pop, and even G.NA."  Despite blatantly plugging the Korean airline – she said she likes G.NA! I wonder if Megamatt likes her more now…

Here are 5 other stars I hazard a guess you didn’t know were into k-pop:

1. Lorde likes 2NE1 and wants to collaborate with Lee Hi! In an interview with Universal Music

She said, "Personally, I really like K-Pop groups.  I particularly like the musician Lee Hi.  I want to try a collaboration with Lee Hi.  I also like 2NE1."  She then sang a little bit of Lee Hi's "1,2,3,4." (Full story here)

You go girl!

Lorde and Lee hi


2. Rihanna follows Taeyang & G-Dragon on Instagram. G-Dragon even posted a picture that said "Thanks for Following Me," thanking Rihanna for her interest in him.

Taeyang Rihanna and G-Dragon

He may have just got the sign especially made as well? :P

G-dragon posts thankyou to Rihanna

3. Lady Gaga came to see Jay Park & Hyuna at SXSW Festival - THAT'S RIGHT! the security looked fairly intense from all of the fan photos we saw filtering through on twitter at the time. Check out more photos.

4. Jonas Brothers were on tour in the states and the Wonder Girls supported them. Check out this live chat the boys did with Wonder Girls in the backgroud. Pretty funny stuff...

5. Pharrell Williams recently gave a shout out to G-Dragon a video he posted to his Korean fans.


...And of course we all heard about:

Rita Ora & Hyuna -Hyuna taught Rita to dance to 4Minute's "Whatcha Doin' Today". Watch the girls bust a move here.

Will.I.Am & 2NE1 worked together on one of his tracks "Gettin' Dumb" .


Justin Bieber & G-Dragon - and YES - they are releasing a song this year. Don't freak out now OK!!

Share any other you know about too!