Obsessed with Anime and comics... meet Kitty Em.
16 Apr 2014 - 11:57 AM  UPDATED 16 Apr 2014 - 6:06 PM

Favourite Asian Pop Track: My new favourite is Linked Horizon's Guren no Yumiya. But one of my all time favourites is Harukaze by Scandal.

Favourite Asian Pop Band: Baby Metal. They wrote a song about chocolate. There are no other contenders.

Favourite Anime Character: You can't make me choose just one! Mikasa from Attack On Titan. She’s awesome with a blade. I would have her as part of my Zombie Survival Plan. But I would probably date Hoozuki, from Hoozuki No Reitsu. He has horns!

Favourite Asian Pop Star: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu... would be the obvious choice, so I'm going to go with LiSa. I love the 'rock' element to her songs, especially Crossing Field, which was also the opening song for Sword Art Online.

Favourite Dance Move: Popping the collar. It requires no sense of rhythm, which is good because I was born with a severe rhythm deficiency.

Favourite Food: Edamame. Every time I eat them, I play the 'Mameshiba' song in my head. But I also love mushrooms. Deep fried mushrooms, mushroom pizza, raw mushrooms. I really like mushrooms.

Favourite Movie: Oh, this is like choosing your favourite kitten! I love too many different types of movies. Space Pirate Captain Harlock is definitely one of the most beautiful films I've seen so far. But if I was recommending a film for anyone and everyone to see, I'd have to say Spirited Away followed by Arietty. Or anything that Miyazaki has anything to do with because Studio Ghibli is just THAT amazing.

Favourite Guilty Pleasure: I don't have 'guilty' pleasures, which is why I have a house full of comic books now.... I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL AND NO REGRETS