Nothing is sacred in idol world!
16 Apr 2014 - 2:15 PM  UPDATED 14 May 2014 - 12:15 PM


As Kara fans you would have heard, post Nicole and Jiyoung's devestating departures from the group last year, DSP media decided to select their replacements via a reality TV show "Project Kara" - how surprising!

Here is the video teaser of the 1st contestant Sojin - what do you think - is she up to scratch?


Who could forget the media circus that KARA members Nicole and Jiyoung landed in last year when they announced their departures from the group in close succession – and in very different ways. Find out what really went down here.

Well now in more intriguing news it has been announced that the two new members for Kara will be selected via a reality show on MBC.  The program will be an audition-style reality show (like Idol) that will allow audiences an insight into the idol selection process.

In addition to showcasing the lives of potential future KARA members, the program will also include a behind-the-scenes look at KARA's current members as well.

You might recall 9Muses made a documentary “lifting the silk screen” on the gruelling realities of idol life last year too. Click to see what the girls have to say about that.

MBC Music haven’t as yet specified when the program will air. We’ll let you know!

In the meantime, check out KARA's latest MV "Damaged Lady"... who knew how telling that title would be!