This post might even make you change your bias... yeah right.
6 May 2014 - 3:14 PM  UPDATED 6 May 2014 - 3:49 PM

BAP are almost in Australia: ALMOST! In an effort to divide the masses of fangirls & boys coming out to see them – we thought we try and help you see if you’re one of the BAP members’ types already! Imagine that... you won't have to chase them around the airport - they'll come running to you! OK... wishful thinking we know.

You can check out what each member had to say about their ideal type of girl below for fun anyway…


Leader: Yongguk

BAP sexy Yongguk

Yongguk supposedly likes girls good morals. When he appeared as a guest on MNET’s Beatles Code 2, he said he saw a girl picking up trash on street once and thought it was beautiful. Nawwww. He has named Chinese actress Tang Wei in the past because of the charity work she does. It’s just fortunate she’s an absolute babe as well ;)


DaeHyun: Lead vocal

Daehyun sexy stare

DaeHyun has said before that he would like a girl who can cook as he loves food (and clearly can’t make it for himself).  He also likes warm-hearted, modest and sweet girls and has mentioned actress Ha Ji Won as someone who embodies those qualities.


YoungJae: Lead vocal

BAP Youngjae ideal type

Young Jae apparently doesn’t have a type but he likes feminine but cool girls who know what they want and have bold characters (Aussie girls?!?!) He has mentioned he likes Kang Sora’s character in the movie Sunny (she’s hardcore) and according to his drawing in the video below – if you want to win over Younghjae’s heart – bring chocolate!


Himchan: Vocals

BAP Himchan ideal typeHimchan has named actress Han Hyo Joo, Secret’s Sunhwa and Hyosung as his ideal types in the past – ah – make up your mind!

He likes a pure and innocent image and as he says here, a “motherly” girl… (LOL)


Jongup: Dancer, Vocalist

BAP jongup holding a puppy

Jongup has never named an idol or actress as his specific type but he has said he likes passionate, hardworking girls and girls he can be with for 24hours and never get bored.

Hmmm it doesn’t sound like he’s really sure. Maybe we can help him out!


Zelo: Rapper, Dancer, Maknae

Zelo makes hearts

Zelo said he likes smart girls – specifically girls who speak English #win.
When he was on Mnet’s Beatles Code 2, he confessed that watching Emma Watson in Harry Potter made him want to date.

At least we know he’ll have to get in line if he wants to date Emma so the rest of us might have a chance while he waits! ;)


BAP draw their ideal type:


Has this post made you change your BAP bias?