See all the idols who will be celebrating today - and some of the fan presents they received!
19 May 2014 - 4:39 PM  UPDATED 20 May 2014 - 12:32 PM

It's “Coming of Age Day” in South Korea today! Despite the fact that the legal age for drinking/going out is now 19, it's still a big day for young South Korean 20 year olds.

Um... What is “Coming of Age Day”?

“Coming of Age Day” ceremony or “Gwan Rye “(관례; 冠禮) is held on the Monday of the third week of May and performed by men and women turning 20 in the same year to signify their debut into adulthood as independent individuals.

Traditionally, after the ceremony, a man can begin to wear Sang Tu (상투): a Korean topknot and a Gat (갓): Korean traditional hat. A woman  can wear a Jjok (쪽): a traditional bun hairstyle of Korean women and Byneo (비녀), a Korean traditional hairpin. But like a lot of traditions; the trend has faded over time.

2NE1’s Minzy instagrammed this pic with the caption:  

I didn't know tomorrow is my Coming-of-Age Day. My Fans gave me some beautiful roses. and gifts. and who's gonna kiss me on my cheek?

Other idols who are celebrating their Coming Of Age Days include:

EXO: Sehun & Kai

BAP: Youngjae

f(x): Krystal

Miss A: Suzy

BTOB: Ilhoon

Boyfriend: Jeongmin

A-Pink: Naeunand Yookyung

Girl's Day: Hyeri

Teen Top: Neil

The Teen Top boys are also celebrating with roses!

Do you know any other idols celebrating this year?