We want to know if you still care about the Gangnam style bandit?
2 Jun 2014 - 2:30 PM  UPDATED 3 Jun 2014 - 11:28 AM

Despite the fact that the western world owes a lot to PSY for sparking popular interest in Asian pop: a scene which might otherwise have might have gone unnoticed in the broader community (discluding all of you diehard Asian pop fans of course!) every time we report news on PSY; the ‘care factor’ seems to have hit an all time low.

So we want to know if you are actually excited about PSY’s new comeback?

Are you excited about PSY's comeback?

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The billion-youtube-viewer holder (“Gangnam Style” just ticked over last week) plans to drop his new song & MV 'Hangover' live on Jimmy Kimmel on June 8th before its official release on the 9th.

Here's when he last appeared on Ellen with Britney Spears back in 2012.