Someone stayed up all night watching it live... he he heeee [kill me now]
11 Jun 2014 - 5:39 PM  UPDATED 11 Jun 2014 - 5:44 PM

So much to choose from and so little sleep (after getting up to watch it live!).

Little Big Planet 3- New characters to play, ODDSOCK IS THE CUTE!

Also, Shuhei Yoshida was so very happy with this game. I love hearing him talk about games, his enthusiasm is infectious.

BloodBorne - Not coming out till next year, but it’s directed by Miyazaki! Hidetaka Miyzaki, not Hayao Miyazaki. It is blood chillingly scary.

If you were looking for something that looked more like a Studio Ghibli style film - Ori and the Blind Forest is probably more your speed.

Mortal Combat X -  It’s Moral Combat.  “FINISH HIM”

Halo 5 - A tried and true franchise. nO

Hyrule Warriors - so much to love about this game, but perhaps best of all is that Zelda is a PLAYABLE CHARACTER!

POKEMON, Omega Rugby and Alpha Sapphire-

Any new Pokemon game is a good Pokemon game! It looks very pretty and is out in November, so not very long to wait to see how good it is!

But what about you?  What games are you looking forward to now?