Find out what songs PopAsia crew have been hitting repeat on so far this year...
11 Jun 2014 - 1:47 PM  UPDATED 11 Jun 2014 - 3:30 PM

It's June 2014 already! [insert Hello Kitty style squeal] How time flies when you're listening non-stop to Asian pop... Because we're half way through the year, we figured it's time to take a look back at THE BEST songs of the year so far. Here's what each of the crew came up with:  



Jamaica dela Cruz

Royal Pirates – Drawing the Line

Okay, even I’m surprised that they’re number one in my half-year list. But this song is catchy and refreshing… and they’re such a good-looking band! Also have a soft spot for pop-rock… and for their bassist James Lee.

Da-ice – Toki

How melodic is this song? And so well-sung! It’s the kind of song that plays and you think, “I wish I knew the words so I can properly sing along”… (Instead of the mewling sound I make when I don’t know the words)

EXO – Overdose

Heard a little bit before it was released and instantly wanted to hear all of it—this doesn’t happen to me often.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Family Party

No surprises here! I’ve loved Family Party ever since Kyary came to Sydney, performed it for the first time and said: “This is my new song. It’s about robot. Family Paarrtttyyyyy!”

ToHeart – Delicious

I admit the adorable music video (featuring Key and Woohyun fighting over you) has a lot to do with why I like this song, but this kind of SHINee Dream Girl-esque sound also makes me happy! (~Come on girl, I’ll be so nutritious…)


Ninja Andy

Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips

By far my favourite! Awesome RnB flavour, great vocals, and I do dig the cool slow-mo clip. I play this song on repeat and I don’t sick of it.

Megan Lee – 8Dayz

Such a great chill out song. Happy go lucky tune that reminds me to do something fun every time I hear it. She’s heaps talented and I would love to see her sing this live!

EXO - Overdose

This beat gets me in the mood to dance. For me, this track makes me feel like I should do something productive so I love it. – Pretty Lingerie

It’s a light summer pop song that’s really polished. I love it when she sings her high notes in it and I love the music video. I think I’m in love… lol

Morning Musume14 - Beyond Time and Space

Awesome dance tune and my favourite J-pop song at the moment. I feel like a robot when I hear this song.



Rain -  La Song

Rain gets the top spot for pure singing ability; the circus music at the beginning just gets you in the mood to stand up and scream LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Family Party

“Family Party” has to be on the list because she’s Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.  And I do like Family Party – especially when she introduced it on stage at her Sydney concert.  Excuse me whilst I relive that moment…

Akdong Musician – “200%”

If you’re going to sing a song, you may as well give it everything you’ve got.  And you can’t put in more than 200% right?

Royal Pirates - Drawing the Line

If there’s not an ancient proverb about repeating a song again and again coz a boy’s cute – there should be. There was a time when Jamaica dela Cruz love love loved James Lee from the band – and so this song played in every silent moment at PopAsia HQ.  So now I’ve heard it so much I like it.

G.Na – Pretty Lingerie

I really feel the need to mention G.Na’s Pretty Lingerie coz we’ve waited so long for a comeback, but 2NE1’s Happy is also good and Taeyang’s Head’s Shoulders Knees & Toes is growing on me too.


Dr. J

Akdong Musician - 200%

AKMU arrived like a breath of fresh air and are my pick for Rookie of the Year - calling it now! There is no denying their talent so props to YG for letting the sibling duo compose and produce the album themselves.

Apink - Mr Chu

I admit, Apink have been my guilty pleasure since 'My My' but I am now a proud Pink Panda. The track is SUPER catchy and features their trademark old-school K-Pop sound. CHUU~!

Morning Musume 14 - Beyond Time and Space

I've always been drawn towards MoMusu because of their unique sound in comparison to their fellow Japanese idol groups. I especially love this track for its sample-based, glitchy electro production - super cool.

Soyou & Junggigo - Some (Feat. Lil Boy from Geeks)

I LOVE the simplicity of this track coupled with the sweet storyline in the lyrics. Soyou and Junggigo's voices come together really nicely as well. The song came out in February and is still in the Top 10 of Gaon's Social Chart, meaning fans are continuing to check out the YouTube video and share the MV on social media. Neat!

2NE1 - Come Back Home

YG bring together the freshest elements of Hip-Hop and Pop as the basis of their overall style, and 2NE1's comeback track: the bass/reggae/trap infused 'Come Back Home' is no different. My favourite comeback of 2014 so far (sorry SNSD).



Jay K

Morning Musume - What is LOVE?

How can you not love the pop-machine that is Morning Musume? They came out strong as per usual this year with one of my favourites of theirs ever: “What is LOVE?”

AKMU - 200%

So fresh: so talented. From K-Pop star to the big leagues of YG, AKMU are already serious contenders in the k-pop world. 200% is a great example why!

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - Yume No Hajima Ring Ring

She gets better and better each year. After she graced us with a live tour down under, I want to see her take even bigger risks with her sickly-sweet style. I'm excited to hear she is working with artists like the French producer Yelle for upcoming stuff. Ganbatte Kyary-chan!

4Minute - Watcha Doin' Today?

Because HyunA. Thank you.

Girls' Generation - Mr. Mr.

While I actually preferred their 2013 kick-off in "I Got a Boy" more, I won't live it down as a SONE and a Soshi if I don't include the incredibly catchy Mr. Mr!



Kitty Em

LiSA - Rising Hope

LiSA and I are best friends (she just doesn't know it yet because we have only met in my imagination). I need to support her career. Also, who can't love this song? Nobody can NOT  love this song. It's scientifically impossible. I also enjoy the non-smoking message of the MV for the song. SWEET POTATOES AND ROSES FOR EVERYONE! 

Fairies - Super Hero
The beat, the singing - the rap! They have it all: while also being 'Fairies'. No further explanation needed.

Da-iCE - Shout It Out
Not only do I love their name because table top gaming for the win! But this song got stuck in my head, so I started singing to my cats. They didn't appreciate it....Because I can't sing. Luckily they can!

Perfume - Hold Your Hand

I'm a big fan of the Beatles (who I've been told are actually not a J-Pop group). I love songs that remind me of them. The lyric video they did was so cool and it involved fan hands! Plus, it's Perfume! 

AKB48 - Labrador Retriever

How can I not put this song in my top 5? It's fun, it's catchy and it's ABOUT PUPPIES! (Kind of)

Let us know your mid-year top 5!