This blog post might give you a headache just looking at it... the right kind.
12 Jun 2014 - 1:54 PM  UPDATED 12 Jun 2014 - 6:49 PM

Playing VIXX’s new MV ‘Eternity” on PopAsia TV on Sunday, we noticed the PopAsians were crying out for more body rolls in k-pop (ok so we may have started it), but rightfully so! What has happened to the body roll in recent times?

Did no roller think they could ever work it better than Rain after "Love Song"? Or has the trend simply moved on? We want answers! And more body rolls!

Whilst we sort out our demand preferences, let’s take a look back at the top 10 body-rolls so far in k-pop… (Apologies in advance for being boyband biased).


Super Junior's Eunhyuk can really work his body... or any inanimate object nearby for that matter.



SISTAR 19 in "Ma Boy" - these girls could teach body roll classes AND I'm sure such a thing exists (most likely in LA.)



In SHINee's Sherlock they boys do one long joint caterpillar style body roll... but I can't get past Minho and Key going solo. Check out Minho's cheeky lip bite.


MBLAQ in "Oh Yeah" get their roll on... you can't help but focus on Lee Joon as he is wearing a piece of shredded cloth that only in the right light resembles a shirt.


2pm – A.D.T.O.Y. Although, more of a booty roll than body roll, how I could I possibly let this one slide…*swoon* Still can't decide who does it best.



4Minute turn the heat and the volume up with this little number... Ji Yoon's got it goin on!


Teen Top – To You. What's better than a body roll? A body roll on a podium...


Girl’s Day - Expectation. They technically do more booty-rolling (or suspender-booty-rolling) that body rolling in this MV but there's so much rolling going on in general it's hard to tell (and we're OK with that).


Taeyang - is there any way I could not include that little power pack in this blog? This gif is mesmerising...


VIXX - Eternity. I think the synchronicity of the boys in this instance earns it a top spot... and the light picking up their rolling chests... *sigh*


Infinite's Hoya taking the upright body roll to a whole new level - ground level.


I think we can all agree Rain is the king of the body roll. He was so passionate about the dance move in "Love Song", he tore his shirt in the process. Now that's commitment!


Lay it on me... who have I missed?