EXO, SHINee, GOT7 & more Idols running around in soccer shorts... amen to that.
12 Jun 2014 - 3:42 PM  UPDATED 15 Jun 2014 - 12:33 PM


The winners of the all-idol futsal competition have been crowned after team A and team D faced off in the final round. Congratulations to team A: EXO's Xiumin and Luhan, SHINee's Minho, B1A4's Baro and Infinite's Hoya and Woohyun. Both Xiumin and Hoya scored goals and SHINee's Minho - unsurprisingly - played a stand out game.

Here's a snippet of the final game:


MBC's '2014 Idol Futsal World Cup' is set to air tonight featuring the likes of EXO, SHINee, Infinite, Block B, U-KISS, A-JAX, C-Clown, 100% & TASTY. Super Junior's Shindong will be commentating the final game too!

The initial rounds went as follows:

Round 1.

Team A:

SHINee's Minho, EXO's Xiumin and Luhan, INFINITE's Woohyun and Hoya, TASTY's Soryong, LUNAFLY's Sam Carter, B1A4's Baro and Sean Lee.


Team C:

Teen Top's Ricky and Changjo, 100%'s Changbum and Chanyong, U-KISS's Soohyun, A-JAX's Hyojun and Seungyub, C-Clown's Ray, and Block B's U-kwon.

Round 2.

Team B:

MYNAME's Insoo, VIXX's Leo and Ravi, SoReal's Byun Jang Moon and Joo Dae Gun, as well as ZE:A's Dongjun, Taeheun, and Minwoo.


Team D:

GOT7's Youngjae and Junior, Boys Republic's Suwoong and One Junn, Topp Dogg's P-Goon, OFFROAD's Leo, The Boss's Garam, and K-Much's Kiu.

The teams who made the final have been reported on, but we'll leave it to you to enjoy the anticipation. You can probably guess by this preview:

Tune in to the live stream below to watch the game... the countdown is on!