If you were ever going to SQUEEEEEEE at your own lunch box, this is the time to do it...
8 Jul 2014 - 12:44 PM  UPDATED 9 Jul 2014 - 5:31 PM

Bento – as you probably know - is a Japanese word for a meal served in a box, the same as the Korean dosirak, Filipino baon, the Indian tiffin lunch and the Australian lunch box. As you can see it has come to mean so much more to the creators of ‘bento art’.

Your lunch has never looked so cute!

1. Kitty cat on its back.

2. Spooky "Spirited Away" bento! Freak out your friends on campus.

3. Little lamb bento. Awwwwww - look at his little ham cheeks!

4. Octopus bento! Apparently the orange coloured parts are made by slicing open seafood sticks.

5. Panda bento! Not as endangered as those in the wild.

6. Panda sushi rolls. Look at the little one sitting up!

7. Sony playstation bento. Not sure if I'd be too keen to chew on that seaweed cable.

8. This looks like an American/Australian adaptation... and I have no idea what Marge's hair is made of.

9. "Where The Wild Things Are" bento art. There is now no need for Max to leave his bedroom.

10. Geek bento.

11. You have to be careful you don't make it so cute that you can't bring yourself to eat it.

12. It's a laughing grey Totoro bento! SO CUTE!

13. Penguin bento. Who knew that penguins and chicken lived in the same environment?

14. Pikachu skips along meatball rocks!

15. Black Butler bento! Almost as cute as live action star Hiro Mizushima :P

16. Halloween themed bento could scare you into eating your fruit and vegetables.

17. Naruto bento! I hope his hair is made of cheese.

18. It's a "Nightmare Before Christmas" bento - Tim Burton would be proud.

19. Owl biscuit bento with heart shaped kiwi - squeeeeeeeeeeee!

20. Cat not edible.

Have you seen any others? Post in the comments!

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If you want to know how to make an Ocean bento, this is a really cool video lesson.